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Alex Jasper, son of Frederick T Jasper, a friend and donor to the mayor, breaks a police officer’s nose in a bar brawl and ends up being released without bail. Frank finds out that the Mayor personally called the judge just before the hearing. After much internal debate, Frank shares the information with the State Attorney General. Erin and Henry fear the Mayor will fire him. 

Derek Mannigan, a teen, is found dead hanging from his belt in his closet, but the apparent suicide quickly becomes a homicide  investigation when the coroner determines that he was strangled first. Derek’s friend, Jonas pulled him in to being a lookout during a robbery. The police were about to question him when he was killed. 

Turns out that Derek’s mother had a history of beating her son. She was angry about his involvement in the robberies and she strangled him. Baez uncovers her internet history where she searched how to make a murder look like a suicide. 

Reggie Wilson comes to Erin for help. He was a witness on a murder case for Erin last year when no one else would testify. Now he’s got constant drug sales going on in the lobby of his building, right outside his front door and no one is willing to help. Police won’t even respond to his calls unless it’s a homicide. 

Erin gets ADA Smith in the Bronx (the same one who reluctantly helped her when Nicky was arrested) to sign off on them putting a hidden camera up in the lobby of the building. Several arrests are made but the dealer is furious and swears he’ll find out who ratted them out to the police. 

Later, Reggie calls to say he won’t testify and the case falls apart. His six year old son was beaten on his way to school and his arm was broken. Afterwards, every neighbor agrees to install cameras to gather evidence against the dealers. 




Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 20 Quotes

Look I have Sunday dinner with the former P.C., a detective, a beat cop, and an ADA. Did you really think all my intel flowed through you two?


Sid: Should we tell the Boss?
Garrett: We?
Sid: Well, now that you know the particulars, yeah.
Garrett: Crafy, two minutes ago I was blissfully ignorant.