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There is a rally for a Latino superstar who is donating to a youth center. He wants to give someone else a chance like he was given. He donates $100K.

Danny's brother-in-law (?) gets in trouble for trespassing at Danny's house. He needs his help because he's in trouble with some husband of a girl he's been messing around with. 

There is a gunshot and OV is arrested for no apparent reason.

Frank's aides argue about whether or not to release the records of what happened.

Nicky comes to see Frank. She doesn't want to ride along with Jamie because he's her uncle. Frank tries to convince her that other cops wouldn't take her seriously. Nicky wants to see the real thing but Frank doesn't think she understands.

OV's lawyer claims the police department is racist and that Frank is blocking their access to the truth. 

Nicky is annoyed by  having to ride along on a noise complaint. The woman appears bruised and scared. They come in and the woman claims she fell in the shower. Her husband comes out and is seemingly trying to hide being abusive.

Danny and Linda come home to Jimmy making trouble, drinking and gambling with the boys. Jimmy won't leave because two guys are watching the house. Danny comes out and the two dudes are Mafia types who want to hurt Jimmy because he got in a fight with one of their guys. Danny makes the leave and they say it's not over and act threatening.

The cops who arrested OV have a history of misidentifying suspects of color. Frank still doesn't want to release the records. But there is a federal action pending. Frank is not worried.His aide warns Frank not to go to a hearing on the matter as he'd be.

Danny takes Jimmy to a motel. Meanwhile, Nicky interferes some more on a second visit to the abused woman and likely makes things worse for her.

Danny confronts the Mafia guys. They say they want him to bring Jimmy for a confrontation or else all bets are off.

 Frank consults Henry about the issue. He says there is one file missing from his personnel file. Henry gets a bit defensive. Frank thinks maybe Jerry got to it. Henry offers him a drink.

Danny goes to collect Jimmy. who has two prostitutes with him. Danny kicks out the prostitutes and makes him get dressed.

The abusive husband shows up and yells at Jamie that Nicky left her phone number and threatens him and Nicky.

Sgt. Gerety talks to a witness who was abused by the cops in the past and is shocked that Frank wants his help rather than to arrest him.

Jimmy freaks out when he sees he's being taken to the Mafia guys. Danny ultimately has Jimmy stay down and drives away. Danny says he's taking him to the airport. Jimmy says he'd rather be turned over to the goons. They go back.

Nicky comes running in, as does the abused wife. Apparently her 12-year-old son stabbed her husband after he got violent and she blames Nicky.

Linda is in the hospital looking at Jimmy. Danny comes in.

At the hearing, Frank tries to make a stand for privacy of his officers and the lawyer tries to claim he's blocking release of the records because he was disciplined as an officer and doesn't want anyone to know. The lawyer is surprised when Frank has the person he allegedly harmed as a witness.

The show ends with the traditional family dinner.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Jimmy: You're looking good. How come you keep getting younger and I keep getting older?
Linda: Oh stop.
Jimmy: What happened to the two little brats?
Linda: They grew up.
Jimmy: I'll tell you stories of what they were like when they were younger. Your father was hell on wheels and your mother was no angel either.

You would've thought we wouldn't allow racist police officers on the street that can't tell the difference between a platinum selling recording artist and a street thug.