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Chief Devon Jones fails a drug test for marijuana. He says he took it while on a trip to Colorado, where the drug is legal. While Frank and the NYPD legal team are trying to figure out the consequences, the new mayor, who is pro-legalization, offers Jones a position as Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Management if he is fired 

Chief Jones insists that he did nothing wrong, but Frank points out that marijuana is still illegal in New York and is against NYPD policy. They eventually come to a compromise where the Chief will be suspended and go through outpatient rehabilitation. The mayor isn’t happy because she was hoping to push her pro-marijuana agenda if the Chief was fired.

Eddie calls for a citizen to help her during a foot chase and the guy blows her off. When she sees that the man is Skip Fuller, she arrests him for failing to help an officer and resisting arrest. Skip was part of a fraternity hazing ritual where Eddie was dragged naked from her boyfriends frat room and paraded around the house. Skip didn’t participate but he watched and posted photos. When Eddie filed a complaint, the only action the college took was to make the fraternity stop the practice.

Jamie realizes that the charges will never stick and gets the Desk Sergeant to transfer the collar to him so he can change the charge to a bench ticket. Jamie even brings Erin along to talk to Eddie, who is upset that Jamie doesn’t have her back. Jamie insists he had Eddie’s best interest at heart.

Skip later apologizes for what he did, but Eddie isn’t buying it. Jamie and Eddie are called to the scene of an assault. When a bunch of guys were harassing and groping women at a bar, Skip tried to step in to stop it and they beat him bloody. Eddie calls the ambulance as Skip begs her for them to finally be even. 

Danny and Baez arrest Dwayne Pitney, a blatant racist, for killing a black old man on the street. Dwayne is part of the Real Samaritan group run by Kyle Wentworth. Kyle was a police officer for ten years but was tired of all of the political correctness and decided to form his own group “right minded citizens” to fight the gangs with “righteous force.”

When Dwayne kills one of the local gang members while in prison, the gang show’s up at Real Samaritan’s headquarters. Danny manages to send them away, and tells Kyle and his group to put down their bats and pipes and leave the area.


Later, Kyle, several of his members, and the local gang members all end up dead in the street after another confrontation. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

What he said about stepping up. It just sounds like it could be a quote from any one of my family members at any one Sunday dinner.


It is still illegal in the NYPD, all city agencies, and under state and federal law. I can't just look the other way, Devon, because you decided a Rocky Mountain High is okay.