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When the mayor decides to eliminate solitary confinement, a riot breaks out in prison. Frank wonders if it’s the inmates or the corrections officers who are causing the uprising. Frank sends in ESU and he and Sid have a sit down with the mayor to try and get her to reverse the policy but it doesn’t go well. 

When the lockdown is lifted, an ESU officer is stabbed in the neck. He’s critical, but stable. Frank threatens to pull the NYPD out of the facility and tells the mayor to either rethink her policy or call the governor to get the State police to step in. 

The governor isn’t a fan of Frank’s, but also won’t send in the State Troopers. The mayor backs down and agrees to revise the policy, but she reminds Frank that neither of them are irreplaceable. 

Baez and Danny investigate when Jessica Rossi, mother of three teenagers is found in her home with her throat slit. She’s divorced from David Rossi, and their son, Nick, testified at the custody hearing that David physically and verbally abused them. 

Nick tells Danny and Baez that he hasn’t spoken to his father in a year, but phone records show he called his father right after he found his mother’s body. Nick admits that his mother asked him to lie at the divorce hearing so that they could stay together. 

Turns out that Jessica was murdered by a day laborer she hired as a landscaper and then confronted him when she found him stealing from her. Danny and Baez arrest him. Later, Danny goes to David and encourages him to step up and be a father again to his teenaged children. 

Jamie and Eddie come across an 18-year-old, Gina, who overdosed on heroin in her car. She survives when Jamie gives her a shot of naloxone. When the hospital releases Gina, Jamie arrests her and encourages her to contact her parents for help. 

Jamie lets Gina have five minutes with her parents before she gets booked at the precinct. Her father tries to bribe Jamie to drop the charges, but he won’t accept it. When Jamie comes back to take Gina down to holding, her parents are gone and she’s dead. Turns out that the naloxone was masking how much heroin was still in her system. 


Jamie gets grilled by IAB and the parents threaten to sue. Jamie feels guilty and thinks he should have never gotten involved. Later, the parents drop the lawsuit and thank Jamie for giving them one last moment with their daughter before she died. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Mayor Dutton: Since we are on different teams?
Frank: Since my officers were put in the crossfire and you put them there.

If an experiment blows up the lab, you shut down the experiment.