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At the bar Sid refuses to let the bartender buy him a drink. He runs into some guy who thinks it's too early for him to go home and says he has something important to talk to him about. 

Sid shows up at Frank's late at night. He says there's a problem with Inspector Clifford. Clifford robbed a liquor store. Frank doesn't believe it. Sid says the roberry happened when Clifford was 15.

Eddie and her partner are watching for turnstile jumpers. They see some girl jump the turnstile. They find weed on her. She says what if I tell you something big? 

Danny is at a gas station and sees a robbery in progress. Some guy comes at him with a screwdriver and Danny shoots him.

Baez comforts Danny, or tries to. He says it was a clean shoot. Erin tries to talk to him while she is watching Sean. He says the guy tried to stab him. Erin says the boys already lost one parent. Danny says he can do this and he's going to bed. But Erin isn't leaving.

Meanwhile Sid briefs them. Clifford was involved in a robbery when he was 15. Frank thinks they're avoiding talking about Danny, who he says will be fine. Anyway, Clifford shouldn't have got a badge with his record. He changed his name, became an honorable member of society, etc. Frank wants time to think about what to do.

Eddie needs to talk to Jamie. It turns out her turnstile jumper told them about a gun used in a shooting Erin is prosecuting. Once Jamie stops gloating, he goes to make the collar so Eddie can talk to Erin.

Danny and Baez look at the body of the guy Danny killed. Danny wants to notify next of kin. Baez doesn't think he should.  The mother doesn't want to hear from Danny since he killed her baby.

Frank walks into what appears to be some kind of party in the Community Information Center. Clifford says they're celebrating someone turning himself around on the streets. Frank says he hopes police work isn't getting in the way of the party. Clifford stands by what he's doing. Frank does too. 

Danny makes another notification to a crying woman.

Anthony gets in Angela's face about the gun not being where it's supposed to be. Eddie doesn't like it. Angela eventually says her cousin took it. 

Danny says he found out the kid had an intense relationship with a girlfriend. Girlfriend was rough on her son. Danny is annoyed that Baez wants to look at his notes.

Henry comes to see Danny and they drink together.  Henry says Danny's house is empty. Danny says it's not, Sean is upstairs doing homework. Henry says that's not what he means. Danny says it's not even been two years. Henry says Linda could have helped him with this shooting. Danny says that wasn't in the cards. Danny points out that Henry has never even gone on a date since his wife died years ago. Henry says no, I live alone with my son and have for 15 years. Danny says what about Dad? He hasn't dated since Mom passed away. Henry says no, he lives alone with his father for the last 15 years. 

Eddie doesn't like Anthony's methods. He thinks it's funny that she thinks Angela could possibly be telling the truth. Anthony says he knew with 100% certainty she was lying because they always lie.

Danny apologizes to Baez for being late. She says he didn't miss much. The girlfriend has an alibi. They need to talk to the victim again. Mrs. Williams shows up all of a sudden. She says if he has kids he knows what he did was wrong. There is no way killing her son could be right. She says no one ever killed his kid so he can't know. She will never forgive him but she can see he was carrying the weight of this and that means something to her. She leaves and Danny cries. 

ANthony harasses some guy who wants a lawyer. Anthony is mad because Eddie says she called Legal Aid. Eddie says she has to talk to his parole officer unless he talks. He agrres to.

Baker thinks Clifford should stay. Sid thinks Clifford should go. Sid says Wainwright wants to go live about this if they don't fire Clifford. Garett thinks Clifford's present value outweighs the sins of his past. Frank doesn't want to bring Wainwright in. He doesn't want to open this can of worms. Frank doesn't know what to do.

Danny comes p to the house of Reginald's mom, where she is talking with Baez. Baez comes out. Baez says that the mother had a weird vibe. Danny says she was walking with a limp before but not today.

Reginald's mother is brought in. She doesn't want to be there. Baez confronts her about the fact that she drove 20 miles out of her way to get stitches. Danny tells her it's no easy thing to take another life. You will never ever get over it. She says she didn't... Danny says he wants to promise her that if she says something she will feel better. The mother cries.

Jamie doesn't know why Eddie is unhappy. She insists she is. Anthony shows up. He has pineapple pizza for Eddie. Anthony says Jamie is right, Eddie is upset. He doesn't think she likes their methods. She doesn't like lying. Anthony tells her so don't. Eddie says but it works. Anthony tells her to learn from everyone and find a tool that works for her.

Frankhad a headache as he goes over the file. Clifford comes in. He has Clifford sit behind his desk. He says maybe someday Clifford will end up in his chair. Clifford says it's uncomfortable. Frank says he has an issue he can't find a resolution to. Tell him what he would do. Clifford reads his file. Frank says the stick-up kid turned his life around and became a decorated cop. Clifford says he can explain. Frank says you don't have to explain, you have to decide.  Clifford says he doesn't know. Frank says he has to decide, should he stay or go? Clifford says he should go. Frank says why? Clifford says the NYPD doesn't hire felons and he lied to get the job and maintained a lie for 20 years. Frank says but he was the gold standard for what a cop should be for 20 years. Clifford says it doesn't matter. He's a felon, he has to go. Frank doesn't think Clifford would make a good commissioner but he's keeping him as a co p. Clifford is touched.

Danny wants his $20 because Frank didn't call him. Everyone is shocked that Frank didn't call. Frank says that someday you'll know when to back off. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 15 Quotes

Danny: You're not going anywhere, are you?
Erin: Nope. And when Dad calls, you promise to pick up?
Danny: He won't call. Bet you 20 bucks.
Erin: You're on.

Baez: How are you holding up?
Danny: It's not my first shoot.
Baez: The kid was young, that's all.
Danny: He tried to stab me!
Baez: No one's saying it's not a clean shoot.
Danny: Then what are we talking about?