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At breakfast, Nicky introduces Erin to her friend Billy. Billy has a problem -- he's been falsely accused of a crime and will lose his scholarship if he pleads guilty.

Someone shoots at a bunch of cops. After shooting back and forth, a cop finds that a little girl has been shot.

Gormley brings Frank the news: a bullet hit the girl, who was 11, during the shootout. Her condition is not good. Frank says shooting a child is a grave wound for a cop to take.

Jamie is dealing with a hostage situation at a pawn shop. Danny shows up for no apparent reason. Danny and Jamie disagree about how to handle it. All of a sudden shots are fired, and it's because Danny didn't follow orders. Danny says it's all good now, the perp is down.

A cop is loaded into an ambulance. Jamie asks to have a word with Danny. He is upset that Danny didn't wait for instructions. They argue. 

Erin looks into Billy's case. Anthony says the kid won't do jail time. Erin feels guilty about helping out a friend of Nicky's because it's a personal connection. Anthony says forget that. If Billy is innocent, he deserves justice.

Officer Green comes to see Frank. Frank says he assumes he knows about the ballistics report. The bullet who killed the girl came from his gun. Frank says he read the report and believes the cop acted right. Green says the news is crucifying him. Frank says he wants to check on him. Green says he wasn't injured. Frank asks how he feels.

Erin tries to investigate and the bartender won't help. She then finds out from Anthony they can't get needed evidence because the cop in charge is in Barbados.

Jamie writes up Danny for not obeying orders. They argue some more and Danny throws the notice out.

Danny wanted Baez to see it from his perspective. He won't let her get a word in edgewise. 

Garett tells Gormley he has to take care of this. Gormley disagrees.

Erin goes to see Kelly, but she says that she can't intercede with Frank because he digs in when he thinks he's right. She's surprised there's no family attorney to deal with this. Kelly says maybe the family knows no attorney would want the job. She says the NYPD has the right to protect databases. She says she's not a mediator and can't help.

Erin goes to see Nicky, who doesn't want to see her. Erin discovers Nicky and Billy are involved.

Danny comes to see Jamie at the bar. They both got a message saying the other one wanted to talk.Neither wants to say a word. Danny realizes Gormley orchestrated this. Danny doesn't want to sit with Gormley but Gormley says that wasn't a request. They all drink. Gormley gives them a tongue lashing. He wants this settled right now. They want to go to trial. Gormley says that will embarrass Frank when it hits the papers. He wants them to shake hands and move on. Jamie says the chain of command is sacred and storms off. Danny says all he did was save lives and he won't apologize for that. 

Frank and Kelly sit together looking at a paper. Frank thinks Kelly is outside her lane. She says she had to take it to him. Frank says the eyewitness changed her story, most likely to overdrinking. He is asking the detective to forward those notes to the ADA and is sure the case will be dropped. He says he was surprised that Erin put Kelly up to this and that Kelly did it. Kelly says she's taking the fifth. It was a just cause. She wants to stay out of his family business. He says it's too late for that. Frank worries that Erin doesn't trust him.Kelly asks why doesn't his family retain counsel. He says they keep their own counsel. She says that she gets the sense that they all think they can go to war at the office and not bring it home. She knows that there is a turf war between him and the DA. Erin has lost her appetitie for fighting with him. Kelly thinks he can't separate work and family in this case.

Nicky comes to see Erin. She thanks her for dropping the charges. Erin says because he was innocent. Nicky says she would never ask for help just because she likes a guy. Nicky says the problem is Erin doesn't like her having a sex life. Erin says she's right. She's sorry she showed up without calling first. Erin thinks some secrets are good to keep but Nicky wants to be able to talk to her about relationships.

Eddie comes in and tells Jamie dinner is in 10 minutes and she thinks he and Danny should talk. She thinks they should make up. She thinks Danny followed his gut and that's what makes him a great cop. Jamie says if he gives Danny special treatment he'll have no credibility. 

Danny shows up at the last minute. Erin confronts him about Jamie. She asks what he's going to do about it? He says he has a hearing set. He says he didn't do anything. Erin says someone has to make the first move. Danny isn't interested in being the one.

Jamie ignores Danny when he asks for the meat. Jamie and Danny have heated words. Henry changes the subject to Officer Green, and Danny keeps changing the subject back to his conflict with Jamie. Eddie tells both of them to cool it. Nicky thinks that Henry should settle this. Jamie and Danny yell at each other and almost come to blows. Frank tells them both to leave. They do. Henry and Frank look crushed.

Gormley comes in. Green tried to turn in his shield. He is waiting outside to see Frank. 

Frank tells Green he knows what he's going through but he thinks he should wait for the dust to settle before he quits. Frank says he can give him a desk job for a while. Green doesn't want it. He doesn't know what he's going to do.Frank says he will get no pension yet and he has a wife and kids. Green says they live seaprately anyway. Frank says turning in your shield under these circumstances can cause things to snowball. It can make you lose everything. Green says there's life for him after the NYPD. Frank says of course, but if he needs to talk to someone they have resources. Green just wants out. He thanks Frank for what he's done for him and gives him his shield.

Henry shows up at court. Danny says it's between the two of them. Henry says you two represent the family. Jamie says someone has to solve it. Henry tells Danny he made the right call but crossed the line, and Jamie shouldn't have written it up. He tells them to start acting like they're brothers. Danny says he hasn't seen Henry this angry in a long time. He says he didn't mean to be disrespectful. Jamie says it felt that way. He admits he wasn't just being professional. He says when they were kids Danny always messed with him about how he follows all the rules and he thinks Danny looks down on that. Danny says he got it backwards and he wishes he could be as good as Jamie but he's not made that way. Jamie says First Grade Detective isn't too bad. Danny tells Jamie he's proud of him. Jamie is proud of Danny too. Danny says he will withdraw the appeal. Jamie will withdraw his complaint.

Abigail tells Frank that Green is in his apartment threatening to kill himself. But Green won't talk to anyone but Frank. Frank says get my detail. He comes to see Green. He says that he is Green's commander still. He tells Green that if the perps hadn't opened fire none of this would have happened. He tells him about a similar thing that happened in his own past.Frank says he got help and suggests Green could use some too. He gives him his badge back and Green gives him his gun. Frank tells Green he's proud of him.

They have an extra dinner to make up for the one Jamie and Danny fought at. Jamie and Danny bought a huge sub for everyone. They ask Frank how to make what they did is right. Sean is sad he didn't see a fight. They all joke about who would win a fight. Henry says this is more like it. They say grace before eating as the credits roll.. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Gormley: There was a shootout between some drug dealers and a couple of our cops. Our cops are fine.
Frank: Who's not fine?
Gormley: A drug dealer took it... and an 11-year-old girl.
Frank: Collateral damage?
Gormley: One of our guys' bullets went through a window and hit her.
Frank: What's her condition?
Gormley: She's not good. We've got officers sitting with the family. But like I said, our cops are fine.
Frank: One of them isn't. An 11-year-old girl took a bullet from his gun. That's a grave wound for a cop .

Nicky: Billy has a problem.
Erin: Does this problem have to do with a case being prosecuted in the Manhattan District Attorney's office?
Billy: Yes, ma'am.
Erin: Then I'm afraid I can't discuss it with you.