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Eddie gets a new partner, Officer Nia Washington who chooses to let an assailant at a bodega go after he apologizes and the bodega owner asks them to while many people record them with their cell phones. Later, he comes back and attacks the owner’s wife. They arrest the man but the bodega owner complains that he begged the officers to arrest him the first time and they refused.

Jamie puts Eddie and Nia on foot patrol while the incident is investigated. Nia has nothing nice to say about Jamie, he new Sergeant, and doesn’t appreciate it when Eddie defends him. Jamie encourages Eddie to go along with what’s said about him because it will help her bond with her new partner and make her more likely to hear what people in the department really think.

Later, Jamie learns that the bodega owner has been forcing the man to work without pay because he’s in the country illegally. Eddie and Nia get their squad car back, and Nia says that her former boss never would have investigated the way Jamie did. 

Anthony wants to open an investigation into Blue Skies Retirement Center for running unnecessary medical procedures on his mother and other elderly residents but Erin doesn’t think he has a case. Anthony has Henry go in for a visit, and Henry learns that the facility is doing this to multiple residents and charging Medicaid. Also, the doctor may not even be a real doctor. 

At Sunday dinner, Henry says how lucky they all are to have one another, realizing how many people don’t have close family to take care of each other. Anthony decides to move his mother into his home. 

Inspector Keith Sullivan threatens to sue the department for reverse racism when an Asian American woman gets the promotion to Deputy Chief of Training which he felt should have been his. Frank tells him that his skill set is not in training and he is an asset to the department in other areas but that doesn’t deter him from filing suit. 

Danny and Baez investigate when a freshman fraternity pledge ends up dead after a frat party from blunt force trauma to the head.  The frat brothers all cover for one another, but video of the party shows the victim went to the basement with Colin to get another keg. When Colin thinks his friend has turned on him, he admits that the victim was gay and tried to kiss him. Colin shoved him hard enough to make him fall back, hit his head and crack his skull. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

You know the thing about seniors? It takes one to die before anyone does anything.


I was starkly aware of how good I have it. How good we all have it having each other. I’m just feeling especially blessed.