Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 6 Review: Trust

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Who can you trust? 

After Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 6 there were trust issues with a fraternity house, a nursing home, a bodega owner, and even fellow cops. 

Death At a Frat Party - Blue Bloods

Danny was obviously feeling shaken about having Jack off at college and posting about parties online, and investigating the murder of a college freshman wasn't helping. 

Jack needs to start answering his phone, or at least sending hid Dad a text message, or he may end up with a member of the Reagan family at his dorm room door doing a safety check. 

The investigation of the drunken frat kid getting his head smashed in wasn't really all that interesting as I felt as though I've seen this all before. 

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The one twist was that the victim was gay and tried to kiss Colin. Can Colin's attorney spin that as sexual assault? That sounds like an interesting Law & Order: SVU episode but we won't get that far with it on Blue Bloods. 

I was a little concerned with Sean's attempts at breakfast. I've burned plenty of meals in my time but never have I witnessed pancakes charred that severely. 

Considering their last house burned to the ground, albeit via arson, I was hoping to see Danny throw those hot cakes in the sink before they left. 

Elsewhere, Anthony was stuck investigating elder abuse and fraud at his mother's nursing home without much help from Erin. 

You know the thing about seniors? It takes one to die before anyone does anything.


I was a little annoyed with Erin when she told Anthony he couldn't start a crusade over one unnecessary endoscopy. 

If that were a Reagan I have no doubt she'd be heading up a crusade. Not only were they putting people's lives in danger, but they were also more than likely billing insurance or Medicaid for the unnecessary tests. 

Henry Feels Blessed - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 6

Henry's visit not only helped Anthony gather evidence, but it made Henry keenly aware of what he has and how easily things could be different. 

I was starkly aware of how good I have it. How good we all have it having each other. I’m just feeling especially blessed.


As much as I applaud Anthony for bringing his mother back home with him, I'm guessing that will come with certain challenges and I wonder if we'll be seeing some of that further into Blue Bloods Season 9

Frank was faced with a lawsuit for promoting Inspector Kimora to Deputy Chief of Training. 

Inspector Sullivan made it clear that he was owed the promotion. He expected to be Deputy Chief and he didn't much care which department it came with. 

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Unfortunately for him, Frank did. 

Sully was a tough, no-nonsense cop, and in some instances, that's a good thing, but not all. 

Hostage negotiations take a certain amount of finesse and training requires a balance between being tough but fair. 

It was clear that Sully wasn't the guy for either position and Frank tried to explain that to him in this Blue Bloods quote...

If Danny Reagan says you are too tough a cop, it’s like Keith Richards saying you have a substance abuse problem.


I've been critical of Danny Reagan several times but no one can say he's a complainer. As Frank pointed out, after two tours in Iraq and years on the force, Danny can hold his own with most anyone, and if he had issues with Sully, that's saying something. 

Fraternity Party Death - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 6

But nothing was going to convince Sully that he was due this position, and the fact that it was being given to an Asian American woman gave him the excuse he needed to feel justified in filing suit.

Sully seemed like the type of person who would scoff at kids getting participation trophies, yet he had no problem believing that his years in service meant he was owed a promotion, not his ability to actually do the job, or the possibility that someone else could do it better. 

Finally, we get to Jamie.

I've been wondering why Jamie took the promotion to Sergeant. He always swore that he loved being on the street, actually being able to help people one on one and those opportunities are going to be fewer here.

Hating The Boss - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 6

On the flip side, he is helping the community by making sure his officers do the best job possible. 

Eddie's in a difficult position at the 29th precinct. She has to keep her relationship with Jamie secret in order to be his eyes and ears, but it's hard to listen to people bad mouth the person you love. 

To Jamie's credit, he has no problem accepting that some people are going to hate him simply because he's the boss and he even encouraged Eddie to go along with it in order to bond with her new partner. 

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But I worry for Eddie when the truth comes out. Will her fellow officers feel betrayed that she kept her romance with the boss a secret. I fear the consequences of this charade may be more severe for Eddie than they will for Jamie.

In the end, what we learned was that one of the only things you can still trust in this world is the Reagan family dinner.  

Check back for my review of Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 7 and until then, you can watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic.

Trust Review

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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

You know the thing about seniors? It takes one to die before anyone does anything.


I was starkly aware of how good I have it. How good we all have it having each other. I’m just feeling especially blessed.