On Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 7, Frank and Garrett argue when Frank wants to discipline an off-duty cop who failed to respond during a robbery.

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 7 revolves around various responses to violent crime.

When a tourist is shoved in front of a car, she tells Eddie and Badillo that this trip was a graduation gift because she always wanted to visit NYC, but now she wants to go home and never come back. The perp is quickly caught and arrested, but the girl is holed up in her hotel room, afraid to come out. Eddie wants to help her, but Badillo doesn't think it's their place to get involved.

Meanwhile, Jamie offers to help Danny with a case involving a mugger, but Danny rejects his offer. Jamie tells him that his officers have found a guy who has the victim's credit card. The mugging is resolved, but Danny refuses to thank Jamie. Baez confronts him about his behavior.

Frank is not happy with an officer who witnessed a robbery while off-duty but failed to do anything about it. Frank wants to fire the officer, but he can't because according to the rule book, off-duty cops don't have to risk their lives. Frank's attitude irks Garrett, who thinks that Frank is unreasonable to expect all cops to be heroes.

And finally, Erin and Anthony butt heads when Anthony doesn't want his daughter to testify after witnessing a murder but Erin won't let the case go.

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On Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 7, Erin and Anthony clash after Anthony's daughter is the sole witness to a fatal shooting, making her vital to Erin's case.

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 7 Quotes

Jamie: Danny!
Danny: Let's hope we don't make a habit out of this.

Once he started shooting, I'm not sure who you thought you were protecting by continuing to stand by.