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THere is a robbery at a diner. The robber is startled by a waitress coming out and starts shooting. A patron secretly calls the police.

Eddie and Badillo debate superheroes. He is not impressed with Wonder Woman. There is an accident nearby. A woman has been hit by a car. Someone says a guy shoved the womn.

Danny isn't happy to see Jamie at the scene of a mugging. Danny doesn't think the mugging is related to a series of robberies Jamie is investigating. Danny can't talk to the victim until they get to the hospital.

Erin arrives at the scene of a shooting. Anthony's daughter has witnessed the shooting of her ballet teacher.  Anthony won't let Erin question Sophia.  There is blood on her jacket. Anthony ushers Sophia away.

The guy in the diner turns out to be a cop who has been called into Frank's office. They question him about the shooting. He admits he did nothing to stop it (he was off-duty) but insists he was trying to minimize injuries. Frank finds this unacceptable.

The woman who was pushed in front of a car is a tourist who was on a walk. She has always wanted to come to NYC and was visiting for gradulation. Now she wants to go home. She never wants to come to NYC again.

Garrett has sarcastic words for Frank. Sid thinks Hayes should be written up. Abigail says he should be retrained. Frank says Hayes should be fired. Garrett says legally, Hayes had no obligation to respond if he was off-duty. But then again, he's not a cop. Frank sends Sid and Abigail away. Garrett thinks that legally, Hayes did nothing wrong even if he was a coward and is angry that Frank wants to fire Hayes.

The  mugging victim talks to Danny and Baez. She fought the muggers off and they hit her and kicked her boyfriend. She will do whatever she can to get them off the street.

Danny thinks the victim was a badass even if fighting a robber off is not smart. They look at surveillance footage. Jamie shows up and says the mugging was not related but his cops caught someone who used Grace's credit card.

Anthony is angry to discover that his daughter is talking to a therapist. His ex-wife thought he knew since Erin suggested it.

Anthony accuses Erin of going behind his back. He doesn't want Sophia testifying and thinks Erin only wants an indictment no matter what. Erin threatens to subpoena Sophia.

Eddie gets facial rec on the person who shoved Sarah. She wants to take care of this case herself.

Anthony is angry that Erin sent a subpoena. He insists she wouldn't let him do this to Nicky. She says she would. He thinks this is interfering with his parenting decisions. He storms off angry.

Erin and Frank talk. He says she has to do what's right even if her closest confidante is angry. He talks to her about Garrett. She thinks Frank is right.

The suspect says he found Grace's card on the street, finders keepers. Danny says he guesses the suspect's phone is theirs now. The suspect says they need a warrant. Baez reminds him that he's on his third strike and could go away for 16 years.  He agrees to unlock his phone. There is a message showing he was stalking Grace. He says the boyfriend paid him to do it.

Anthony brings Sophia in as required. He emphasizes that she doesn't have to answer anything. Erin tells Anthony he can't be in there while Sophia is being prepped.

Danny and Baez talk to the boyfriend who claims not to know the suspect. He won't talk. They bring Grace in. He says he wasn't hurting Grace. They were supposed to pretend to rob Grace so he could stop them and look like a hero. They were not supposed to really hurt her, or him.

Hayes wants his union rep. Frank says Internal Affairs has cleared Hayes. Abigail won't let Garrett in the room. He's upset.

Frank says Hayes did the minimum he had to do. He wouldn't want to be in a foxhole. Hayes says that cops are overscrutinized so he did what he had to do.  Frank is putting him in Fleet Services in Queens. Hayes is upset. Frank says according to the patrol guide he could.

Eddie and her partner talk to the victim who says she's sure the perp will be let out without any bail. She has not left her hotel room since this happens. Badillo drags Eddie away and says that is not their problem.

Grace attacks her boyfriend on th e way out and calls him a coward. Danny refuses to thank Jamie for his help. He tells Baez that it is not sibling rivalry. Jamie was shot working one of their cases, and the only time he ever saw Frank afraid was when Joe Sr died. Jamie working with them makes it hard for him to stop it from happening again. He wishes Jamie would stay out of harm's way so that he doesn't lose a brother on Danny's watch. Baez tells him Jamie doesn't know that and Danny is coming across as an ass.

Erin finds Anthony in a bar. He offers her a drink. She says Sophia is her father's daughter and identified the suspect, who is being arrested now. Erin is upset that Anthony didn't think she cared about Sophia's best interest. He's like family to her and his distrust hurts. She goes.

Erin watches Jamie work on his classic car. Erin and Danny recall their childhood memories of that car. Danny says he had his first date in that car. Erin congratulates Danny on closing the case. Danny says he couldn't have done it without Jamie. Jamie wonders why Danny is being nice to him. He and Jamie tease Danny about being arrogant. Danny says he was trying to apologize. He goes inside.

At the family dinner, Frank says Hayes will have a lot to think about on his commute. Henry thinks Frank is right. Frank says he didn't discipline the guy -- he transferred him. The cops discuss whether this is right. Frank quotes Nelson Mandela. Eddie says she thinks it is harsh. They say Grace.

Erin is proud of Sophia. The victim's daughter thanks her while Anthony watches. Anthony comes to take Sophia home. Sophia hugs Erin.

Frank is drinking alone. Garrett shows up. Hayes is filing a grievance. Frank doesn't care. Garrett says he knows why this case gets to Frank. Frank would have gotten involved and likely the victims would be alive but Frank would die. He expected Hayes to make the same choice. Could Frank really expect an off-duty cop to get themselves killed? Frank does. Garrett thinks Frank idealizes the profession. Garrett is upset Frank didn't invite him to the meeting. He thinks Frank doesn't want to hear fissenting opinions especially from a non-cop. He would have dialed 911 too. Frank tells him he's not always a thorn in his side.

Anthony comes over and says he does trust Erin. He felt like a failure because he couldn't protect Sophia. He grew up not talking about things. Erin gets it but he doesn't have to carry that on. He is learning. He says Sophia seems happier since she testified. Erin says the defense wants to make a deal after Sophia's testimony. Anthony hopes Erin will forgive him. She hasn't eaten. He says he'll take her to DeNico's.

Badillo and Eddie take the victim to see the Statue of Liberty. She's all excited. Badillo tells Eddie privately that his father is an immigrant from DR who loved the city so he couldn't ignore this. They take a picture with the victim. Badillo doesn't want the rest of the squad to kunow.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 7 Quotes

Jamie: Danny!
Danny: Let's hope we don't make a habit out of this.

Once he started shooting, I'm not sure who you thought you were protecting by continuing to stand by.