On Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6, Jamie and Danny are at each other's throats after Jamie uses Danny's suspect as a confidential informant.

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6 revolves around a huge conflict between Danny and Jamie.

When Jamie gives Danny a tip about who killed the victim in a homicide, Danny is slower to act on it than Jamie would like. The tip pans out and they arrest a young guy, Elijah, who says he had to join a gang or be targeted by them. He was supposed to shoot a rival gangster but accidentally killed this woman instead.

Jamie wants to use Elijah to get the gang leader. Danny refuses to let him. Jamie makes the offer to Elijah anyway and Danny is beyond pissed.

At Sunday dinner, Danny and Jamie won't stop fighting. Danny leaves. Jamie follows him and says Danny is too close to this case because the victim lost a wife just like Danny did. He also thinks Danny is jealous of him. Danny thinks Jamie doesn't think like a cop and gives him a tip which pans out later.

Meanwhile, Erin finds out that one of the ADAs in the office is indebted to a drug lord they are trying to prosecute and Joe Hill is angry because the ADA's behavior is hurting a case he's working on.

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On Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6, Jamie and Danny butt heads when Danny feels Jamie overstepped on a case involving a gang-related shooting.

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

Sid: Here's the thing.
Frank: What's the thing?
Sid: Now you're getting me all confused, twisting my words. The thing is... your father.
Frank: The thing is my father?
Sid: They asked him to speak and I didn't think he should be up there alone.

Frank: Last time, it was an ambush. Students asked questions that made the department look bad.
Garrett: That was three years ago. Those students are gone.
Frank: The professors who were behind it are not.
Garrett: It's a criminal justice program. I'm sure it doesn't have an anti-cop agenda.
Frank: And some professors with an agenda are doing their best to change that.