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Bob tells the kids that he used to do boxing when he was younger.

Linda joins a group for women business owners, but the meetings take place on Saturdays, which is when Linda and Gene have their spa days.

Bob offers to take Linda's place during spa days.

After watching a boxing movie, Tina decides to train Louise on how to fight.

Gene doesn't have a good time with Bob during their spa day, so Linda lets Gene come with her for the next meeting.

Tina is bad at training Louise, so Bob trains both of them.

Gene tells Tina and Louise that he plans on persuading Linda to quit her group during the meeting he goes to.

At the meeting, Gene lures Linda into the bathroom to recreate their spa day and locks her in. She gets out and Gene follows her back into the meeting.

Teddy joins Bob, Tina, and Louise as they learn how to fight. They all hurt themselves, except for Teddy who didn't do anything. They push through the pain to make Teddy a burger.

Linda tells Gene that she needs a little time for herself and they make up.


Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

Teddy: Just do yourself a favor, watch it tonight. Love, loss, blood, revenge.
Louise: You had me at blood and revenge, Teddy.

I know all sequels are good, but this is amazing.