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Beginning 24 hours earlier, Booth had to watch his brother’s dead body being torched or risk being killed himself. Now Booth is bleeding in a basement with the team of mercenaries who believe he’s not going to survive his injuries.

Four days ago, Agent Miller’s partner, Richard downloaded a list of undercover agents and then disappeared with his fiancee Chloe. Brennan finds a frozen finger in Richard’s freezer. It was cut by something like scissors. The fingerprint proves it’s Chloe’s finger. 

Aubrey figures out that Booth must be trying to stop the list of undercover agents from ending up in the wrong hands. Back in the basement, Booth has to cauterize his own wound in order to survive. 

Hodgins figures out that the evidence that the finger was cut with wire cutters that also cut a chain-link fence. It eventually leads back to an abandoned battery factory where they find vultures picking apart two bodies eaten away by battery acid. The bodies are Agent Richard Bannerman and Chloe. The autopsy shows that Chloe was drugged with the wine and cheese from her own home. 

Photos on Richard’s cloud account show pictures of Richard and Agent Miller as a couple. They are from six months ago. Turns out Richard and Agent Miller were involved and when it was over, she threatened his new girlfriend, Chloe. This makes Agent Miller a suspect until they realize that Dr. Ben Medsker broke his wrist in a struggle with Richard. Brennan uses his wrist injury to hurt him further until he tells them where Booth is being held.

Kevin O'Donald gets a text saying, “Booth is FBI. Kill Booth or the deal is off.” He tries to call off the deal but the other two on the team overpower him and read the text. Booth fights them off, then makes them think he escaped and knocks them unconscious. Aubrey and Brennan come to the scene and find him. 

Booth needs surgery but will be fine. Everyone is relieved. Angela and Hodgins take Christine and baby Hank or a sleepover. When Booth wakes up Brennan tells his she’s going back to the Jeffersonian and he should go back to the FBI because that’s who they are and what they do best. 

Arastoo decides he can’t stay at the Jeffersonian if he’s going to further his career. Cam says if he proposes right now she’ll say yes but he doesn’t propose. He’s afraid she resent him if she followed him to one of the many job opportunities he’s fielding around the world. They break up. 

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Bones Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

At the end of the day Brennan knows that she's the one who quit so whatever cases went unsolved, they're on her conscience. They're not on ours.


Cam: So you're saying you have faith.
Brennan: I'm saying I can't imagine a world where Booth doesn't come home.