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Two women break into a fish farm to try and have fish nibble on the dead skin on their feet. Instead they find a decomposing body in the water. What’s left of the body, and the live fish that were eating on it are brought back to the Jeffersonian. They also find the tip of a knife in the victim. 

Angela reconstructs the victim’s face and identifies him as Lloyd Nesbit, an inventor. He invented The Flexi-Box, an indestructible mailbox that was hot in the 1990s but nothing since then. 

The victim wasn’t stabbed, but his organs, tendons and eyes were surgically removed. Aubrey and Angela track down an online organ broker, Nina Slocum. Aubrey arrests her but she refuses to give any information about where or how she got Nesbit’s body. She believes she’s doing the right thing by selling organs to those who need them. 

There’s another person’s skin cells in the victim’s wounds. They believe that the person who took Nesbit’s organs worked a morgue or funeral home. When the extra cells produce a DNA match to a woman of a hit and run, Booth and Brennan visit the funeral home during a funeral and find that the mortician has been stealing organs from the bodies and selling them. 

Brennan realizes that the victim’s angle of injure was made by a bumper guard from a vehicle but not while it was connected to a vehicle. Someone was holding it as they hit and killed the victim. 

Turns out that Tim, Nesbit’s assistant, was making a special car wax but Nesbit hated it. Tim had sold his kidney to fund their work. Nesbit promised him it was the only way to get to their payday. Instead, Tim killed him and then sold off Nesbit’s organs.

Jared’s ashes are missing in transit causing Booth to snap at Brennan and Aubrey. Also, Aubrey now has Booth’s office, leaving him sitting at Aubrey’s old desk and waiting for a new office assignment. Aubrey gives Booth his office back and takes a new office upstairs. 

Turns out Christine is using the box with Jared’s ashes to climb into her brother’s crib.

Cam tells the team that she and Arastoo are taking a break. Everyone tries to make her feel better by inviting her out but they only annoy her. Cam tells Brennan she misses Arastoo but they she almost feels guilty because she feels she made the right choice about keeping her job. 

Hodgins tries to convince Angela to show her photos in public but she’s hesitant. Hodgins sets up a surprise showing of Angela’s work and invites other gallery owners to attend. Angela wants him to cancel it. Eventually Angela changes her mind and is shocked when famous AP photographer Sebastian Cole buys one of her photos. 

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Bones Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

Thank God for handlebar mustaches, is something I never thought I'd say.


The more openly a culture embraces death the less anxiety they associate with it.