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When a son out reluctantly hunting with his father stumbles upon a corpse, the dad screams while the son shoots it. The body was torn apart by coyote-wolf hybrids and the face was blown apart by the shot gun. 

Brennan hires a new intern. Dr. Beth Mayer (Betty White) has decades of experience and makes Brennan feel a little jealous. Dr. Mayer helps Angela get an ID on the victim. He is Justin Ross, a real estate broker and obsessed with fantasy football. 

Justin was supposed to help his colleague, Mr. Winfelder keep his house from going into foreclosure but missed a meeting and the deal fell through. Winfelder says Justin missed the meeting because of a woman he was sneaking around with, Ashley Smith, wife of Craig who was also in the fantasy football league. 

When Craig found out about Ashley and Justin’s affair, he wanted Justing to trade his football league quarterback to Craig for sleeping with his wife. 

Intern, Oliver Wells seems upset and everyone notices he is even more annoying than usual. He tells Hodgins he has erectile dysfunction. Dr. Mayers encourages Wells to go into the woods with Hodgins to find the coy-wolves who may have eaten some of their bones and for Wells to get a little wild.

While in the woods, Wells accidentally shoots Hodgins with a tranquilizer dart, cousin him to act drunk. Angela realizes that the victim had a fitbit that continued moving for hours after he was dead. One of the coy-wolves swallowed it and Wells and Hodgins find it and the remaining bones in a pile of coy-wolf feces. 

With all the bones in place, Brennan and Meyers realize that the murder weapon was two-pronged and that the body was covered in ham to attract the animals. 

Jamie Wentzel, the fantasy football league commissioner and sandwich shop worker is arrested for the murder. When Jamie refused to authorize the trade between Craig and Justin, Justin threatened to get him ousted as league commissioner. The position was all Jamie had and he killed Justin to keep it. 

Booth is upset that Brennan plans to kill off Agent Andy, the character based on him in her books. She plans to replace him with a new, younger, sexier character.  Brennan talks to Dr. Mayer about it and realizes that she may have killed Agent Andy off because she was bored after she and Booth left their jobs. She decides to reconsider keeping the character alive. 

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Bones Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

There's a lot to hash out when your wife is plotting your own murder.


I'm not concerned with Dr. Wells attitude. If it continues he is easily replaceable.