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A kegger at an old, abandoned church uncovers a corpse under the floor boards. While searching the crime scene they also find a headless corpse in an iron coffin from the 1800s. That body was wearing a military red coat, later proving that he was a high ranking British soldier. 

The first body is Sara Littman, a 26 year old medical student who was reported missing by her boyfriend. Sara recently ditched her piercings and her magenta hair. Her advisor suspected it was because she wanted to be taken more seriously. In her locker, Sara had a book on witchcraft. The symbol on the book is the same as the symbol found on the iron coffin.

Ichabod Crane and Agent Abbie Mills arrive from Sleepy Hollow when they hear about the 200 year old corpse. With Angela’s help they figure out he was General Howe who was supposedly buried back in England. 

in The Jeffersonian archives, Ichabod finds a letter signed by George Washington asking that General Howe be buried in Sleepy Hollow. The signature is Washington’s but he had someone else transcribe the letter. Angela and Brennan realize that the handwriting on that letter matches the notes that Ichabod has written in the lab. Ichabod covers by saying that the letter was written by his ancestor and perhaps handwriting is is genetic trait. Although Brennan has never heard of such a thing, she can’t come up with a more valid hypothesis. 

Turns out Sara and her friend were trying to kill themselves using drugs she blackmailed another doctor to get. They also stole the skull of General Howe because Sara believed it had mystical powers. They simply wanted to see what happened once they died and then revive each other. Sara saw her deceased sister who told her not to worry and that the afterlife is amazing.

Wanting her boyfriend to have the same experience. She stopped his heart but he saw nothing. When he woke up he was angry to have lost his faith. He snapped and killed Sara, by hitting her with the skull. 

Abbie and Ichabod take General Howe’s remains back to Sleepy Hollow. 

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Bones Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

That’s a lot of piercings for somebody who dressed like Mary Sunshine.


Pagan symbols, a headless corpse, Halloween. Is it just me or is something other worldly going on here?