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A film crew from a show called America in Profile follows the team from the Jeffersonian as they investigate a body found in a landfill. The body’s been there for ten years. 

The body is Brandon Bloom who used to work as a delivery driver for American Pie Pizza. His bones show that he was abused as a child. He was missing for ten years but his father never reported him missing because he thought he’d run off to the Caribbean. The father claims he wasn’t abused but road skateboards and BMX bikes which caused him many injuries. Brennan says that explanation is possible. 

Financial records show that Brandon owed a C. Collins $3,000. Cam sees that the victim was high on marijuana when he dies. They think that he owed money for pot but he was trying to sell silly t-shirts. His girlfriend Amy, broke up with him. 

When Hodgins finds the victim’s cell phone, Angela figures out that Brandon spoke to his father for over 7 minutes. Later his father showed up at the hospital after being punched in the face. The father says he owed a bookie money, that’s who punched him. He later called Brandon to get a ride home from the hospital but Brandon wanted nothing to do with him. 

When Hodgins finds bright green fibers, that leads them back to Carl Collins t-shirts. Collins and Brandon fought when Brandon wanted his money back to go back to school. Collins hit him with a tennis racket and Brandon fell into a saw and bled to death. 

Brennan does a Career Day presentation at Christine’s school. The teacher has to stop her from showing video of decomposing corpses. Brennan wants Christine to be a forensic anthropologist like her. Booth hopes she joins the NHL. Christine says she wants to sell cars. Brennan is appalled but later relents and says she’ll be happy to be the mother of the world’s best car salesperson. 

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Bones Season 11 Episode 18 Quotes

The only time a gut should be capable of opening a murder investigation is when that gut contains poison.


Sometimes our debates are so healthy that I end up sleeping on the couch.