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A drunk college student finds the dead body of Secret Service Agent Graham Roberts in the woods just before the killer hits him in the head with a shovel. The body, which was submerged in acid, is sent to the Jeffersonian but Booth puts Aubrey on the case so that he can stay home and take care of Brennan who is ill. 

The Secret Service isn’t sure about giving Booth clearance to work the case because he’s a descendant of John Wilkes Booth. Dr. Fischer is assigned to the case as he now consults with the Secret Service. 

Fischer believes that the victim took a fall and landed on his head, which killed him. Hodgins deduces that the his body was wrapped in a bed sheet and he and Angela figure out that his body was thrown down the hotel laundry shoot across from his room. 

When the FBI believes that someone from the Secret Service may be the killer, they sever their joint investigation with the Secret Service. They can’t find any evidence that Roberts was killed in his room or the laundry shoot. 

Hodgins is lowered down through the laundry shoot to find evidence. He finds blood and a piece of bloody sheet with a long black hair attached. The bolts break loose, sending Hodgins falling but he manages to catch hold of something and save himself from the fall. Later he tells Angela that the months of physical therapy due to his injury is what made his upper body strong enough to hold on. 

Agent Patel admits that her hair could have ended up in Roberts sheet because they were having an affair which she hid because it’s against protocol. 

With the President coming to town, Booth decides to become a part of the protective detail so that he can watch the Secret Service and try to find the killer. When Brennan and Fischer figure out that Roberts’ killer used a maneuver common to Navy SEALS, Booth thinks that Agent Walker could be the killer. 

Then Aubrey spots Neal Stockton, one of the people Roberts had interviewed the day before he died, who wanted the President dead. Stockton tries to shoot the President but kills Walker instead. Stockton is shot and killed. The President is okay. 

Walker’s autopsy shows he had a blood clot that made him paranoid. Roberts noticed his impaired behavior and wanted Walker to quit. Walker did, in fact, killed Agent Roberts. 

Angela figures out that Dr. Fischer is actually a college tutor for the President’s daughter but also doing consulting work for the Secret Service. 



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Bones Season 11 Episode 17 Quotes

Can you just put the snot rag away for now?


Walker: Booth, I just want you to know, it wasn't protocol. It's just personal.
Booth: You're mixing your words. You should get some sleep.