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Brennan decides that they need to decluttered the house. She wants to get rid of the Cocky belt buckle, the beer hat and Booth’s sock collection but he refuses. He wants her to get rid of some of her books but she’s appalled. Brennan decides to bring some of her books to her office as a compromise. Booth has his bin of socks in the back of his car. 

A body of a white, male in his 30s is found in the river. The body was decapitated after his death by a boat’s propeller. Booth figure out from the man’s many injuries that the body is 7-time All-Star hockey great Seth Lange.

Oliver Wells beats Hodgins in a video game and the two end up wanted to do battle again. When Hodgins designs a drone to find the victim’s head in the river, he makes two of them so that he and Wells can compete to see who can find it first.

The head is found caught up on the abutment of a bridge. Wells’s drone camera sees it first but Hodgins’ drone swoops it and picks it up first. Unfortunately, when the drone flies it all the way back to the Jeffersonian, it’s seen by several civilians who are horrified. 

The hockey team’s new owner and recent widow, Kate Strober was cutting costs and Booth thinks she was trying to tank the team so that she could move it to a bigger market. When Strober is questioned, she admits to hoping to move the team but didn’t kill Lange. She claims Lange was going to confront Alex Conrad, who was selling the other players multiple types of drugs. Alex swears that Seth confronted her but then he left. She asks for a lawyer. 

Seth was killed with a hockey stick. Booth knows that every professional hockey player has a custom made stick. Turns out the stick that killed him belonged to Drew, the hockey enforcer who is the father of Alex Conrad’s unborn baby. When Seth threatened to have Alex arrested, Drew killed him. 

During the investigation, Booth runs into the team’s equipment manager whom he knew 20 years ago when he was a goalie and Booth beat him with a penalty shot. He asks for a rematch because he can’t forget that moment. Booth agrees because he knows just how to beat him but when he sees all of the man’s family and friends there to watch, he purposefully misses in order to help the man move on. 


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Bones Season 11 Episode 19 Quotes

Hodgins: Well maybe he cheated at video games so his friend threw him off a cliff.
Oliver Wells: Or he was simply so depressed at being such a sore loser that he jumped.

You don't get rid of books, Booth. That's crazy.