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Two college kids break into the Lynwood Bio Lab to save some rats and find dead man being eaten by them. It’s Scott Hill a sophomore at the University and a member of the Whipper Snaps, the school’s a cappella group.

Scott had kicked Ian, his best friend out of the group before his death. Ian says he doesn’t know why he kicked him out of the group but Scott was hiding something. Security footage shows Ian was home during the time of the murder. 

Scott kicked Ian out because he wanted Liz, from their rival group the Ginger Snaps to join the Whipper Snaps for Nationals.

Five of the Whipper Snaps had a strep bacteria in their systems that was created by they Lynwood lab. Turns out that Esther, a Ginger Snap works at the lab. She put the bacteria in her lip gloss and then kissed five of the members because she was jealous of the Whipper Snaps success.  

Esther says that a female couldn’t be a Whipper Snap because their bylaws don’t allow woman. Only the President of the Whipper Snaps alumni could change that, William Johnson, father of Ian, the friend that Scott kicked out of the group. William Johnson’s hand print matches a bruise on Scott’s arm but he swears he didn’t kill him. 

Turns out Scott was stealing his roommate anti-anxiety medication for other Whipper Snaps. When his roommated ended up with none, he had a panic attack and lost his fellowship. In the ensuing fight, he killed Scott and put his body in the lab for the rats to eat to cover it up. 

Ms. Mills from the Jeffersonian’s work study program becomes an intern but she gets almost everything wrong. Booth fires her, upsetting Hodgins and Angela who consider her a friend. 

Booth plans a trip with Parker to hike the Appalachian Trail this summer but Parker gets into a creative writing summer session at Oxford. He ask Brennan to talk to Booth for him. In the end Booth decides to let Parker go to Oxford for the summer instead.

Aubrey admits to Angela that he sang a cappella in college but is afraid that Booth will mock him if he finds out. Booth finds an old video of Aubrey singing a cappella and invites everyone to their house to show it. 


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