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Sweets prowess as a chess player is put to the test when an investigation leads to the world of professional chess.

Christine comes in last in an egg race at school and Brennan thinks she needs to learn what it means to lose instead of getting a certificate showing she came in 15th place.

Brennan doesn't think it's a pleasure to have Dr, Filmore the forensic podiatrist working with them given his limited scope.

Cam is nominated for an Outstanding Women of Science award from Science Monthly but she's worried Brennan might feel slighted because she thinks all awards should go to her. She calls the magazine and tells them she can't accept the award if Brennan and Angela are not honored as well, because they are a team.

Brennan is exhibiting extreme hubris during this installment, and believes the magazine should have honored her instead of Cam.

The body found in the pig slop was a chest master.

Sweets is the lead chess nerd on the case because he used to be a chess master before he became obsessed. He's welcomed back warmly to the club and plays chess with the son of the chairman on Magnuson's board.

Sweets says like a lot of brilliant people, Magnuson had a huge ego, leaving little room for others, which made for a lot of suspects.

One of the members of the chess club was kicked out for breaking Magnuson's hand. 

Sweets arrests the son of Magnuson's fiancee when he beat him at chess and wouldn't yawn. Not yawn is a sign of a sociopath. Since Magnuson was going to marry his mother, he thought he was going to be replaced.

Booth suggests that it's not time for a man on man fight and it's time to enlist the platoon and together, he, Sweets and Brennan get Tim to confess.

Science Monthly is doing a different type of honor this year and it includes 12 outstanding women of science, in bikinis. Brennan says she couldn't imagine being replaced with three other less outstanding women, so they agree to do it.


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Bones Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Brennan: What are you writing now?
Filmore: Just an observation that Americans are hubristic and Canadians must deal with this challenge in future cooperative ventures.

Filmore: You know, in Canada we have a saying. Wait your turn. If you are truly deserving, an honor will eventually come to you.
Brennan: That's why I don't live in Canada.