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The episode begins with Jonathan and George drinking at a bar. George informs Jonathan that filmmaker, Jim Jarmusch, might be interested in having Jonathan rewrite his screenplay. Jonathan agrees to meet with Jim since he really has nothing else working out in his life right now anyway.

George introduces the two later on that night at a NY Film Society Event. Jarmusch really loved Jonathan’s first novel and gives him a copy of his screenplay to review. Jonathan agrees to go over it and get back to him the next day.

Cue hot blonde to come in. Immediately Claudia Worth asks Jonathan how he knows her favorite writer and director Jim Jarmusch. Jonathan, taking this lead as the perfect way to get into her pants, nonchalantly throws out the, “Oh, we’re working together on his next screenplay” card. Like a moth to a flame, it works – they go back to her dad’s house/psychology office and are about to have sex when she confesses that, in fact, she is not 22, but really only 16 years old!

Jonathan freaks out and decides to bolt just in time for her father, Dr. Worth, to enter and almost catch him. He realizes that his lucky break isn’t that lucky when he reaches in his coat pocket and finds that he is missing his script.

The next day, with a promise to pay Ray fifty dollars and take him out to his favorite restaurant, Ray agrees to help Jonathan. Ray enters the psychologist’s office on a operation to retrieve the lost script. An hour later, Ray leaves the office emotionally wrecked without it.

Jonathan, with the non-help of George, realizes that this is his mess and he must fix it himself. He enters the Dr.’s office nervous and dreading the worst. Turns out this guys is great! Not only was he able to help Jonathan realize some of his own problems, but hands him the script that he was looking for.

Dr. Worth informs Jonathan that his office is a safe place for his patients and since Jonathan went there as a patient he will do nothing to harm him, but outside the walls of his office, he is the young girls father and if Joanathan ever came near her again, he would break his neck. With that, he punches Jonathan in the stomach. Lesson learned: always ask to see ID.

In the end, Jarmusch, ends up going with his original choice and not using Jonathan because he took too long to get back to him. He tells Jonathan to write another novel and maybe in the future there could be something for them to work on. All of this took place for no avail and Jonathan is left in the same place as he was before.

Bored to Death
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Bored to Death Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Jonathan: Why was [Priscilla] your best wife?
George: Everything with her is as intimate as kissing. I never really got over it. Most orgasmic woman I've ever been with.

I love martinis. They heal all wounds.