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-Bennett Ballestar kills an orderly using a medieval times type weapon while on an field trip from a psychiatric facility. He killed a newscaster ten years earlier but never stood trial due to a history of mental illness.

-Bennett kidnaps Debbie, the host of a television show, drags her through the Adirondacks and kills a park ranger. He plans to marry her in the woods, then rape and kill her.

-Lloyd pinpoints an area in the woods from Bennett's diary. While Ray is caught in an animal trap, Erica sets Debbie loose but is then captured by Bennett.

-Bennett is about to slit Erica's throat when Charlie shoots him. 

-Erica has flashbacks of killing one of the men responsible for her father's death while in the same woods.

-Charlie accuses the cons of stealing his watch. Later, Ray finds the watch in the bathroom where Charlie left it but tells him not to tell the cons as he will lose credibility. Charlie tells them anyway.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I wasn't a gang banger, Shorty. Gang bangers worked for me. That's like calling Bill Gates a computer geek.


Comorbidity basically means that Bennett is a whole cocktail of crazy.