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Jake and Charles take on a murder case. 

Captain Holt invites Rosa and her girlfriend, Jocelyn, over for dinner. Rosa tells him no because she's afraid he'll be too judgemental. 

Amy gives Terry his mail, including a book about how to please your wife, but he insists it doesn't belong to him. 

Jake and Charles meet up with Dr. Tates, a psychiatrist who thinks his patient James may have something to do with his own wife's death.

Captain Holt tries to prove to Rosa that he can be laid back, and she agrees to let him meet her girlfriend. 

Jake suspects Dr. Tates is the killer but Charles insists it's the victim's husband, James. He goes behind Charles' back and searches Tate's office, but gets stuck in a therapy session with a different psychiatrist. 

Holt goes to dinner with Rosa and her girlfriend, but he discovers Rosa hired an actress to pretend to be Jocelyn. 

Jake goes back to his car but Dr. Tates pops up from the backseat and holds him at gunpoint. 

Dr. Tate reveals that he killed both James and his wife, Susan, and made up everything he said making James out to be the suspect. He was having an affair with Susan and didn't want word to get out and ruin his career. 

Jake opens up about his issues and realizes that he blames himself for his parents' divorce. 

Holt runs into Jocelyn in the breakroom and Rosa admits that she values Holt's opinion and was afraid he wouldn't like her. They make plans to have dinner. 

Jake was able to get a message to Charles and he shows up to save him and arrest Dr. Tate. He admits that he may need therapy and is going to make an appointment. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

I had an issue with texting while driving, but I fixed it. Now I just don't look at my phone while I type.


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