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Hitchcock is throwing a party to celebrate his latest divorce. He moves on to a new woman immediately, but doesn't get her phone number. He only has her tooth to find her. Scully and Hitchcock make it their mission to find their Cinderella.

Jake and Amy are trying to have a baby. They've tried the "Amy way" with scheduled sex and are now trying the spontaneous "Jake way" hoping for success. Jake leaves Amy a series of clues to an AirBNB to try for a baby again.

Holt asks Terry if he can switch his police post. Terry denies him, saying every uniformed officer has to maintain the same post for six months to get to know the community.

Charles brings guinea pigs to work. Terry tells him they're not allowed in the workplace, but Rosa lets him hide them in a storage room. However, the guinea pigs start to mate, resulting in several more guinea pigs.

Amy and Jake continue to struggle with not getting pregnant. Amy decides to try scheduling their babymaking even more in hopes of success.

Holt gets to know the neighborhood he's assigned to, picking up Russian along the way.

The number of guinea pigs continues to increase.

Several months pass by. After several failed attempts, Hitchcock finds the woman he met at his divorce party. He gets her pregnant and they get married. Scully officiates.

Holt overhears his new bride speaking in Russian revealing Hitchcock is not the father of the baby.

Jake and Amy decide to try making a baby the "Hitchcock way" by making several bad decisions in hopes they'll get lucky and get pregnant.

Rosa and Charles are unable to find the guinea pigs a home.

The guinea pigs are set free in the precinct. Terry decides to send them all to a lab.

Jake and Amy continue to try to have a baby, but are unsuccessful. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Amy: Didn't work.
Jake: Ugh, I knew it! I got bum nards!

Amy: Hey, did you get my sexy calendar invite?
Jake: You mean the one titled 8 pm coitus?
Amy: Yes, and the one titled 7:50 pm foreplay.