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Cecilia Novak, a single mom, dental technician and sister of alleged Miami drug cartel runner Leo Novak, is arrested by the DEA when they find six kilos of heroin beneath the deck of her home. Cecilia says her brother swore that his work would never affect her and her son and he’s always honored that promise. Cecilia and Leo came to America as children, refugees from Croatia and Peter has always protected her, so she doesn’t believe he’s involved.

J.P. Nunelly is handling the case and wants Bull on board, but he balks at being a part of a drug case. J.P. says he can make this their last case together if that’s what he wants, even though he owes her another after this.

J.P. usually doesn’t defend known criminals. She admits to Bull that she agreed to take this case because if she wins, the firm will let her buy out her partnership, take her clients, and start her own firm, but she has to win. 

Leo claims a rival cartel planted the drugs at his sister’s and then called the DEA. 

When all the possible jurors are scared because of the recent cartel violence they’ve seen on the news, the judge decides to make an anonymous jury. The jurors will watch everything on television screens, but no one in the courtroom will be able to see them. Bull admits he’s never dealt with this before, and he finds evaluating people based on their voices and answers a new challenge.  

Marisa analyzes the 911 recording of the person who called in the tip about the drugs being under the deck, and determines that is was Peter, Cecilia’s young son. Turns out Peter saw his uncle hide the drugs and realized he was putting Peter and his mother in danger. He never meant to get his mother into trouble. 

Bull withholds this information from J.P. He has Cecilia ask the judge for Benny to be her shadow counsel, as J.P.’s firm also represents her brother and that has become a conflict of interest. Cecilia makes a deal. She gives the DEA information on her brother and they make a show in court of not having their paperwork properly notarized. Cecilia’s case is dropped on the technicality. 

Bull pushes J.P. to have the firm sign the paperwork letting her move on to her new firm. That happens just before Leo is arrested for his cartel activity. 


J.P. realizes that Bull lied to her and kept her out of the loop, but knows he did it so she could break free of the firm. She says she doesn’t know what to do with Bull as she heads back home. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

You know this would be a whole lot easier if you didn't carry that face around every time we did business.


And you don't think there's the itsy bitsiest chance that he might be footing the bill for you, me and Battlestar Galactica here?