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When Marcus Clayton won’t change his prenuptial agreement with his much younger wife, Cara Clayton, she stabs herself and then shoots her husband, making it look like self defense. 

Diana Lindsay is back in town, and she’s taken on Cara as her client. She wants Bull on the case with her but he has to decline because Clayton Communications has already hired Dr. Jason Bull and the Trial Analysis Corp. to prove that Cara killed her husband. 

Marissa tells Bull that TAC is just breaking even and that perhaps he needs to cut back. Bull says he can't tell high powered clients what to do if he's taking the bus. 

Chunk passed his LSATs and plans to go to law school but can't afford to do it in NYC. He's planning to move to Nashville. Bull wants him to stay but can't afford to give him a raise. 

Clayton Communications is worth $6 billion. They offer Cara $500 million to walk away from the company and they won’t push to have her charged. Cara turns it down. She wants it all, so they go to trial.

Bull negotiates with Clayton Communications, if he can prove Cara guilty, they pay him an additional bonus plus set up a law school scholarship for Chunk. 

The TAC team has to rush through researching their potential jurors and Bull gets angry when he believes Danny missed that one juror is from Calisto, Texas, Diana’s home town. Bull accuses Diana of planting her on the jury. She denies it and tells him him he’s being stupid. 

Danny is also furious with Bull for yelling at her, saying he had her research 15 people in less than 24 hours, and shouldn’t be surprised that things were missed. She also points out that Bull missed something in the evidence file. The gun Cara used to shoot her husband, supposedly in self defense, had no finger prints on it. 

In court, Cara tells the story of how her husband flew into a jealous rage and stabbed her, and how she grabbed a gun from a nearby table and shot him. Benny dismantles her story, pointing out that she once majored in anatomy, so she’d know where to stab herself to do the least amount of damage, and the the gun had no fingerprints because she wore gloves so her prints wouldn’t show up on the knife. He also reveals that they found pieces of latex gloves in her husband’s shredder, and they had Cara’s DNA on them. 

Cara is found guilty by all 12 jurors, including the one he thought Diana had planted, and he admits to her he was wrong. Diana admits that her client fooled her and was actually guilty. She kisses Bull as she leaves, calling him a stupid genius. 

Chunk gets his scholarship and the rest of the TAC team get raises. 



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Bull Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Marissa: I had no idea that the famous Dr. Jason Bull can be bought.
Bull: For a quarter of a million dollars, not only can I be bought, you can gift wrap me.

Six different law firms represented here. It’s like the New York Yankees of attorneys. What happen? Bill Gates run a traffic light.

Jason Bull