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  • A woman is found dead in a car used by the mayor’s office. She was an author looking into an investigation involving the mayor.
  • The victim, Laura Cambridge, worked as a sex phone operator where she heard a client admit to funneling money out of the Mayor’s foundation and blaming it on him. 
  • Castle is biased over the situation, knowing that if the mayor is removed, he will be too.
  • Rick receives a call from the man who helped him out previously with information on Beckett’s mother’s case. He tips him to listen to the information instead of looking. They discover that one of the mayor’s assistants was at fault. The victim had tracked him down so he placed a call to a burner cell phone. This sent a man to get rid of the evidence and the victim as well. Before the assistant can speak about who he called, a lawyer comes in and he is shut down.
  • The mysterious man lets Castle know that if the Mayor was removed, Castle wouldn’t be around to stop Beckett from digging into the shooting/murder. 
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Castle Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

An officer and a gentleman. That could be the name of our crime log.


She's the best.

Castle (about Beckett)