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  • The case of the week: Michael Bailey. Fell out of a hotel window but had been poisoned earlier in the day. Bailey was a pick up artist who was working women to find out information for his financial job. 
  • Bailey slept with co-workers and their wives using a fake name one some of them. One woman, the COO of his company, figured out what he was doing and poisoned him for the sake of the business.
  • Ryan is prepping to get married. Jenny had slept with the pick up artist in the beginning of their relationship. 
  • Lanie plans on bringing a plus one so Javi brings his cousin. Lanie brings a gay man to keep her company and Javi and her start to talk again.
  • Castle and Beckett fly solo but end up being each other’s plus ones. 
  • Ryan gets to marry Jenny, Seamus Deaver’s real life wife. 
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