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  • A treasure hunter named Stan is murdered while searching for the Blue Butterfly necklace.
  • Stan bought and searched for clues to lead him to the necklace of a woman who was the girlfriend of a 1947 mob boss. A PI had been hired to search for those woman, who he quickly fell for.
  • The PI and girlfriend plan to run away together but are approached by a former girlfriend’s daughter who wants her dead. A scuffle keeps the two from dying, and leads them to live a life together under different names. 
  • Castle imagines himself as the investigator and Beckett as his girlfriend. Espo, Ryan, and Lanie play parts involved in the romance.
  • Clues lead them to a nurse caring for the couple who was also on the hunt for the necklace. He admits to killing Stan to get the treasure first.
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Castle Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Where have you been all my life?


Keep 'em coming pal, you're doing great.