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  • Beau Randolph is found dead in the bathroom of a club at a party for his adult video series.
  • He was strangled with a bra.
  • Suspects are his ex-girlfriend, his partner, a protester, and many girls gone wild. 
  • Beau had gotten a girl pregnant a few months back and was trying to change his life around for her. He had plans to close down the company which pissed off his partner. Since he was shutting down instead of selling, his partner killed him so he could take over.
  • Javi went on a date with a body guard named Scarlet, played by Kelly Hu. 
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Castle Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

It's a vlog! A video blog!


I was googling myself and found this!


Castle Season 5 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Song Right Here Freebie & The Bean
Kool and the gang jungle boogie Jungle Boogie Kool & The Gang iTunes