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We open with Galvin on a deserted island, searching fr something. He locates a glowing artifact and attempts to take it home for Macy. On his way out, the walls begin to collapse in on him, and a dark shadow attacks. 


AT the manor, the sisters are awakened in the middle of the night by an attack. They believe it’s a demon, but it ends up being a new white lighter who is standing in for Harry while he’s away. She is unimpressed by their lack of response to the fake attack. She tells them how undeveloped they are as witches and reminds them of their power to fight the Source. She also insists that Macy’s demon side be erased indefinitely. 


The next morning, the sisters create a boundary spell around them to discuss their new white lighter. They talk about trying to find a way out from under the Elders but don’t believe they're strong enough yet. Maggie realizes she has to now pay tuition at university after her mother's death. Macy gets a text from Galvin, who has returned to town. The sisters also decide Macy’s demon side has to stick around, and the Elders need to understand who really has the power. 


At Mel’s bartending job, Niko visits. Niko tries to find out information regarding the Sarcana, but Mel tells her she’s broken up with Jada and doesn’t have any intel. Niko then informs her of her engagement party,w which will be at the bar. Mel realizes she’s scheduled to work for the party. 


Galvin shows up at the manor to surprise Macy. Galvin tells Macy he’s okay and she was worth the struggle. Out of nowhere, a body falls from the ceiling. Galvin points him out as the customs agent that checked him in at the airport earlier that day. 


The sisters immediately send Galvin away, just in time for the new white lighter to pop up. She quizzes them on what demon must have killed the agent, and the sisters believe it may be a vampire. The white lighter tells them to find it and kill it while making sure the dead agent doesn’t resurrect. 


Macy shows her clairvoyant Mama Roz the artifacts Galvin brought back for her. Mama Roz warns them things are about to get dark. 


Maggie stays at the hours to see if the dead customs agent turns into a vampire while she researches spells left by white lighter “Regina George.” She also goes online and applies for scholarships to help with her tuition. Maggie realizes some of the scholarships are geared toward African Americans, so she begins searching the internet for “what determines blackness.”


Maggie is interrupted by an overwhelming sound in the house. Overwhelmed, she calls for Tessa, but as Tessa pops up, the noise disappears. Tessa tells her it’s probably just her empathic abilities growing, and Maggie is hearing the dead agent’s soul crying out. 


Macy and Galvin take a walk to talk about the artifacts. She admits to Galvin she doesn’t want to cure her darkness; it’s helped her save too many lives. Galvin tells her it’s Macy’s choice, and if she doesn’t want the cure, she doesn’t need to do it. 


At the manor, Maggie approaches Macy about her newly discovered culture. She explains how she’s now eligible to scholarships for black kids, but she isn’t sure if she should apply or not. She’s not sure if she gets to be part of a culture she didn’t grow up in, but Macy can’t give her a straight answer. 


Mama Roz is studying her artifacts when Galvin shows up at the shop. She tells him to get away. claiming the is now a demon. Galvin then chokes her, threatening her, before growing claws and stabbing her. 


Maggie decides to attend a meeting of black students applying for scholarships. She began to explain how she’s at a crossroads with her identity when the screeching noise from before overwhelms her and she has to exit. 


At the bar, Mel works for Niko’s engagement party. Maggie shows up and tells Mel about the noise. They go to Mama Roz for answers and find her dead. The sisters realize Roz has the same puncture marks as the customs agent. Tessa shows up, and Maggie tries to reach Roz’s soul. Rob tells Maggie to “find the lost soul through a threshold.” Maggie thinks the noise she’s hearing may be the lost soul. 


Maggie enters a doorway and uses her power to tune into the soul. She hears Galvin screaming for help. 


The fake Demon!Galvin is having dinner with Macy outside, and Galvin starts to drag her to the attic so they can watch eh full moon. Macy feels something is wrong, and the demon reveals himself. Macy tries to fight back but her powers won’t work against him. 


Maggie and Mel search Mama Roz’s store for a dagger that can kill the demon. The sisters realize the demon wants to feed on dead babies, and because Macy was stillborn, she is the demons true target. 


The demon hunts Macy down in the woods, but Macy finds the other sisters before the demon gets him. Maggie and Mel explain that Galvin isn’t really Galvin; he’s a parasite demon. Tessa wants the sisters to stab him, but the sisters refuse to hurt him when Galvin is trapped inside. 


Macy suggests tapping into her darker side to stop Galvin’s heart. Tessa vehemently refuses, but Macy insists she needs to make the final decision and they trap Tessa in a vortex to keep her from stopping them. 


After his heart is stopped, Macy tries to restart it again, but she has trouble. Suddenly, a white light enters his mouth, and Galvin returns to his human self. 


Out of nowhere, the parasite demon grabs Macy and disappears. Back at the manor, the sisters can’t enter, until Tessa takes the dagger and enters through the barrier. Up in the attack, Macy fights for her light against the demon, who she can not actually see. 


Tessa stabs the demon with the dagger, but the demon knocks her out and the dagger disappears. Maggie uses a fire extinguisher to show where the demon is, and they are able to vanquish him before he gets to Macy. 


Tessa scolds the girls for telling Galvin about magic. She also presses again against Macy’s demon side, but Macy pushes back. Tessa gives in and takes care of the customs agent’s body. 


When the real Galvin is healed, Macy tells the real him she won’t be taking the cure for her demon side. He’s disappointed, but she persists in claiming that her actions that define her. Galvin insists something inside of her is evil, and he can’t un-see it. He wants nothing to do with any magic ever again, but because magic is who Macy is, the two decide to part ways. 


After the breakup up, Maggie and Mel comfort a broken hearted Macy. Maggie promises Macy that the goodness inside of her isn’t going anywhere; she will never be “less than.” Macy tells Maggie she should be just as kind to herself when it comes to her culture. Maggie decides not to apply for the black student scholarships, because it doesn’t feel right. She does, however, plan to visit the BSU again. 


Mel meets up with Niko, who thinks Mel is lying about not being part of the Sarcana. Mel confesses she’s a witch, and tells her to leave. Mel investigates the scene alone and finds the majority of the Sarcana dead. Jada appears, still alive, and tells Mel it was Fiona, who killed everyone. Jada warns Mel she thinks the dead Sarcana must mean the apocalypse is near. Jada wants to Mel to run with her, but Mel insists the Charmed Ones need to stay and fight. 


Jada tells Mel to be careful, because Fiona is one of the only people who can match the sisters power. 


Mel finds a key of Harry’s on the ground, and brings it to the sisters. They decide to use Tessa’s white lighter power to find Harry somehow, and beat he Elders (and Fiona) once and for all. 

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Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Macy: Harry taught us it is my actions, not my nature that defines me and I believe that.
Galvin: Macy I know that you’re not evil but something inside of you is.
Macy: You really feel that way?
Galvin: Macy please. what I saw in you-- I can’t unsee it. Not if it's still there.
Macy: So what are you saying?
Galvin: I'm saying I don’t want anything to do with any of this stuff ever again.
Macy: But this stuff is who I am.

Maggie: I know you’re feeling in between the witch and demon of it all right now, but I want you to know the goodness inside of you isn't going anywhere and feeling split between two sides of yourself doesn’t make you any less than.
Macy: I wish you’d be just as kind to yourself.