Galvin: Wait, aren't Siren's female?
Harry: Typically, but gender can be fluid, as we have learned.

Macy: You know what? I'm fine. More than fine. I'm exhilarated by the possibility of finding some answers once and for all.
Galvin: Is that why your stress juicing?

Mel: Wow, great job Macy.
Macy: What?! You told me to spit out the news!
Mel: I didn't know THIS was the news!
Macy: What, so now you're blaming me for the nature of the news?!

Maggie: How am I supposed to look at you again? You make me not want to feel.
Parker: And you made me want to feel.

Allistair: Oh Hey Mags, how's it going, sorry to hear about the breakup.
Maggie: Can we kill him now?
Allistair: I'd like to see you try, empath. Do you know what they say about a witch with passive powers? Nothing.

Also known as the dick, who stole the harbinger. I get it, the demonic apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Parker Yes, my dad is the demon Allister, also known as the dark master. Mel

I’ve been watching human nature for decades and everyone has the capacity for darkness. It’s your actions,, not your nature that defines you


Listen. Thane was a straight up sexual predator. I’m all for having some badass ladies taking over and righting the shit. It’s about damn time.


Maggie: I finally got to kiss Parker for real! I was just about to go to town on those pillow lips-
Macy: That's an overshare.

Satyr: The word is out in the magical matrix that if you need help, to come here
Harry: We’ll invest in some better magical home security

Harry: We’ve got work to do. Bottoms up, Harrys hair of the dog.
Macy: This is really working, what's in it?
Harry: I told you, hair of dog
Macy: That is a violation!!!

Harry: Your thesis proposal was due 6 weeks ago
Mel: In my defense, I've saved the world like 4 times since then

Charmed (2018) Quotes

Harry: You are witches. Witches who are destined to save the world from impending doom. That's right, you are the Charmed ones. The most powerful trio of witches.
Mel: He's the new women's studies teacher. I knew something was off about him.

You’re better together, your differences are your strengths and nothing is stronger than your sisterhood

Marisol Vera