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We open with a girl running through the woods being chased by a mysterious figure. She knocks on Niko’s door and asks for help. Niko lets her inside. 

Harry is being persecuted by the Elders, who claim he has breached their trust by dating Charity. They decide that he is no longer allowed to continue as a white lighter. 

At the manor, the sisters worry about Harry’s fate. Macy is still stressed about not hearing back from Galvin, afraid he’s been hurt. Maggie is also worried, wondering how Parker is doing with his demonic infection. Mel then gets a text from Niko, wanting to talk. 

When Mel gets to Niko’s house, she meets Niko’s fiance. Niko introduces Scarlet, who tells Mel about running through the woods, a color blue, and a bunch of women being held against their will. She also remembers the word surrender and reading poetry at the Student Union before losing time. Scarlet then reveals this all happened a month ago, and she’s lost over 4 weeks of her life. 

Once Scarlet leaves, Niko admits to seeing Scarlet at the grocery store a week prior, and she was super glassy-eyed. She thinks that maybe whatever cult took Scarlet, is connected to the Sarcana. Mel tells Niko that the Sarcana isn’t a cult and she can’t help her. 

At an abandoned farm, a man questions a woman about where Scarlet went, claiming to need 10 females for his ceremony the next night. When she won’t give him the information he needs, he kills her by stabbing her in the stomach with a knife. He then sends the rest of the women out to find Scarlet. 

At the lab, Parker’s mom and Maggie talk about Parker’s infection, and how Parker refuses to go to Allister for help. She explains Maggie needs to find a bit of full demon blood in order to help Parker. 

Mel and Macy call Maggie back to the manor, who reveal a human—and much older—Harry. He explains that he has been stripped of his powers and his body is now deteriorating to his human age, which is 98. He asks Mel to tell Fiona he would like to see her before he passes away. 

At Nikos place, Scarlet is awakened by floating in the air as the other women from the cult come to take her. 

Mel goes to visit Jada, who explains how the Sarcana is preparing to activate Fiona’s powers, who will become the “keeper.” Once this happens, the Sarcana will officially control magic, instead of the Elders. Mel explains to Jada that Harry is dying, and wishes to see Fiona.  Mel wants the Sarcana’s help, but Jada refuses. Jada claims there is a war brewing and sides are being drawn. Fiona appears, in agreement with Jada about Harry not being worthy of saving. 

The sisters, desperate for the Elders to help them with Harry, decide to do magic in public in order to lure them out. Before they are able to, the Elders transport them to their lair. Mel demands that Harry is reinstated as their white lighter. The Elders refuse and tell them to follow Harry’s example by following the rules. 

Niko texts Mel, explaining the women who took Scarlet. She once again questions Mel about the Sarcana, wondering if she may be involved. 

Macy finds out about Varamus, a cult leader who sucks out your soul by finding your deepest desire and preying upon it. Every ten years during the spring equinox, he finds 10 women to feed his demon blood and then sacrifice in order to maintain his power. In order to be defeated, he must be killed by the very source of his power, which is a phallic knife. 

The sisters have a hard time focusing on a random demon when Harry is dying, but Maggie pushes them forward, wanting his blood to help Parker. They decide to let Maggie perform a sad poem in order to lure Varamus forward. The plan to track Maggie wherever she goes with a spelled compass. 

At the poetry reading, Varamus is immediately drawn to Maggie’s poem. 

Macy and Mel try and figure out where Macy went but their tracking compass doesn’t work. They call for Harry who still can’t orb or use his powers. 

Harry then teaches them a spell to bypass the blocked compass. The girls then grab him and head off to find Maggie. 

Behind a corner, it’s revealed Fiona has been listening in the entire time. 

Maggie is with other girls at an abandoned warehouse. All the women have an S imprinted on their hands at the demon's lair. He tells them to pick up a dagger. He promises Maggie he will never leave her and explains how the girls will be shedding their flesh vehicles. One woman than sacrifices herself for him. 

Macy, Mel, and Harry arrive at the warehouse where Niko shows up. They explain that Maggie is missing and they “tracked her GPS.” Niko explains that the warehouse is the same place that took Scarlet. She also promises to free Maggie. 

Inside, Varamus' powers stop working, as Mel freezes time to keep anyone else from dying. Because Maggie isn’t frozen, he realizes it has to do with her. He then directs her to kill anyone that walks through the door. 

As Macy and Mel enter, Maggie viciously attacks them with a knife. As the sister's fight Maggie, Fiona appears and tries to perform a spell on Harry, who is now human. Fiona swears she will find a way to get into his mind before he dies. 

As Mel fights off Maggie, Macy explores the rest of the warehouse. The demon suddenly appears and tries to stab her. Macy is able to choke the demon by tightening high necklace with her powers, and she grabs the knife before he disappears. Catching him on the ground, she throws the knife and ends up stabbing him, effectively vanquishing him and releasing all the women from their hypnosis. 

Outside, Mel unfreezes Niko, who notices Mel has a new cut on her hand but lets it go. The girls let Niko think she saved the day, and Macy reveals that she stole some of the blood from the demon. Niko realizes something peculiar is happening, with the “cult leader" vanishing out of nowhere, and comments on how Mel always seems to be involved in strange things happening around town. 

At the lab, Maggie asks Parker’s mom is the demons blood did anything to help Parker. She claims it is, but Maggie can’t see him quite yet—he still has demon blood coursing through his veins. She promises to call her when he improves. 

Back at the manor, the girls go over what happened in the warehouse, and Harry is revealed to be aging even more rapidly. Fiona then appears, wanting to save Harry’s life—then the Charmed Ones will be in her debt. 

Jada then appears, questioning her decision and trying to stop her. Fiona proves too powerful for her, and Jada leaves, allowing her to save Harry. 

Fiona tells the sisters she will take Harry, and bring him back when he’s well again, but she doesn’t know when that might be. The girls say a tearful goodbye before he heads off. 

Fiona then takes Charity, and he apologizes to her. She then fixes him almost immediately, but takes control of his mind instead of letting him go. She appears to be trying to figure out a secret, but Harry’s mind keeps blocking her out, so she vanishes with him. 





Charmed (2018)
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