"The End Is Never The End"

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 12, Mel, Maggie, Kaela, Harry and Jordan have discovered an ancient evil trying to bring down the Power of Three.

"Be Kind. Rewind"

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 11, a drastic change has The Charmed Ones, Harry, and Jordan trying to save the world where humankind and magical beings co-exist.

"Hashing It Out"

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 10, as Mel, Maggie and Kaela navigate their love lives, The Unseen bring a battle to The Charmed Ones and Roxie seeks Harry's help.

"Truth or Cares"

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 9, Maggie is surprised by someone important from her past and tries to keep the peace when they collide with her present.


On Charmed Season 4 Episode 8, when The Unseen assembles a hit list of those who have helped The Charmed Ones, they scramble to save their loved ones.

"Cats And Camels And Elephants, Oh My"

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 7, Mel, Maggie, and Kaela must divide and conquer when they become aware of a new, formidable threat inspired by the Tallyman.

"The Tallyman Cometh"

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 6, when a mysterious package arrives at Vera Manor, Mel and Kaela turn to Dev to try and stop the Tallyman's deadliest attack yet.

Regaining Her Powers - Charmed (2018)
"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sandwich"

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 5, as Mel works to regain control of her powers, a conspiracy theorist hobgoblin threatens the lives of those at the Blue Camellia.

A Weekend Getaway. - Charmed (2018)

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 4, when Maggie’s demon-hunting leads her down a dangerous path, Mel decides it’s time for the sisters to take a weekend getaway.

"Unlucky Charmed"

On Charmed Season 4 Episode 3, Mel is haunted by memories of her mysterious breakup with Ruby, while Maggie's demon-hunting habit puts strain on her and Jordan.

Charmed (2018) Quotes

Harry: You are witches. Witches who are destined to save the world from impending doom. That's right, you are the Charmed ones. The most powerful trio of witches.
Mel: He's the new women's studies teacher. I knew something was off about him.

You’re better together, your differences are your strengths and nothing is stronger than your sisterhood

Marisol Vera