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Macy doesn't know that she's been kidnapped by the darklighter version of Harry because her memory has been altered. She and darklighter Harry sit down to have a romantic dinner, but she gets suspicious when she can't open the front door.

Darklighter Harry is distracted by his feelings for Macy, and she escapes him by telling him she's going to slip into something more appropriate for their romantic alone time. Macy eventually realizes she's in an alternate reality with the darklighter version of Harry. He takes her to Manhattan where he plans to use her as bait to lure in her sisters. 

Meanwhile, whitelighter Harry explains to Maggie and Mel that he shares memories and feelings with his darklighter other half. They devise a plan to get Macy back. Jordan and Maggie sing a duet together, giving Maggie the opportunity to touch Jordan and attempt to see another vision of the future. She sees something when she touches him, but the vision passes quickly.

Maggie and Jordan get stuck together in an elevator. Maggie asks to hold his hand and gets a vision of the future, just as she thought she would. She also sees a vision of Jordan being attacked by someone.

Harry's ability to orb has returned, and he takes Mel with him to the bar in New York where Maggie had a vision of seeing darklighter Harry. 

When they get to the bar, Harry pretends to be his darklighter counterpart in order to find Macy. He plays a game of poker with a demon to avoid revealing his true identity. 

Macy uses darklighter Harry's feelings for her as leverage to get him to tell her everything about him. He admits that he is being controlled by someone who wants to collect the power of the Charmed Ones. She suggests that instead of her sisters, they deliver Abigail Kane to his boss.

Harry and Mel manage to get the address where darklighter Harry is holding Macy captive, and they show up just in time to rescue her. Harry returns to face his darklighter half in a one-on-one battle, and kills him. However, the human part of Harry wakes up in the grave. 

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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

We don't share a brain. We share memories. And feelings.


Maggie: May I?
Jordan: It's a little early in the relationship for this.