A Startling Discovery - Charmed (2018)
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Harry, Maggie and Macy are determined to figure out what what's going on with the Jordan. Maggie steals his sweat and uses it to create a potion that will give them more information. The spell reveals ancient symbols that tell them he has been curse by a dying witch.

Harry, Maggie and Macy travel to the Sacred Grove when the map reveals there's danger there. The tree at the Sacred Gorve has been killed and the fruit, which makes consumers invincible to magic, is all gone. The Driads, who are the protectors of the Sacred Grove, are all dead. 

Harry, Maggie and Macy travel to see Abby and ask her if she stole the fruit from the Sacred Grove and killed the Driads. She says it was Parker who took the fruit. Maggie and Abby then go together to pay Parker a visit. 

Parker is now the Overlord after being tapped by the demon Godric for the position. Parker says that Abby tried to kill him. Parker and Maggie slip Abby a truth serum and she confesses she took the fruit from the Sacred Grove. Instead of killing her like Godric wanted, Maggie convinces Parker to strip Abby of her powers instead.

Abby and Godric, however, worked together to trick Parker. Uknown to Parker and Maggie, Godric gave Abby fruit from the Sacred Grove before Parker stipped her powers, so she didn't actually lose her powers.

Parker and Maggie have a hot and steamy hook up session after being torn from one another for so long. Maggie tries to go home after, but Parker surprises her by asking her to marry him. 

Back home, Macy and Harry discover that the men in Jordan's family all die at 25 because of the dying witch who cursed them. Jordan is currently 25.

Meanwhile, Mel helps Katrina discover that she is not crazy like she thinks she is. She convinces her that her hallucinations are real, and helps her figure out that she is actually a medium. Mel and Katrina kiss, but Mel tells Katrina she can't be with her. Katrina leaves town to clear her mind, but leaves Mel with the keys to her shop until she returns. 

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Macy: I'm starting to think we'd be better off without you all together. 
Abigael: Oh, someone's getting rough.

Macy: And so, if someone had stolen some of that fruit... 
Harry: They'd be unstoppable.