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When the B&B proves to be infested with termites, Jess may have been forced to accept the end of the inn. Mick does his best to come to her rescue, along with the rest of his clan but is forced to learn that he can't always save the day. As much as Kevin wants to stay at home with his family, he can't risk losing Sarah. Which means the decision to move to New York may have already been made for him as Sarah doesn't feel she has any other choice than to take the job in Philadelphia. The other O'Brien children aren't faring much better as Abby is forced to work alongside Terri when Wes suggests they team up for Terri's latest venture. Connor is facing a trip down memory lane as he meets up with Danielle once again and there still seem to be some sparks between them. But is it really a good idea for Connor to put his heart on the line with her once again when he still hasn't recovered from the first time they were together? Only time will tell. Which seems to be the only solution to Bree's problem as well as she must deal with Megan reading the manuscript for her book and being less than impressed by how her daughter has portrayed the character clearly modeled after the absent mother.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Jess: Dad I can't lose the inn. I just can't
Mick: It's gonna be okay, sweetheart.
Jess: Dad, I don't think it will this time. Dad, this was me. This was my chance at being the better Jess. This was my chance at being successful, like everyone else in this family. Now, this is me. Messing up again.
Mick: You're not messing up, sweetie-pie. You're not messing up. It's gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine.

Abby: Today I had a meeting with Terri Ingram.
Trace: Why? What's wrong? Was it about Carrie and Caitlyn?
Abby: No. No, um, business. She wants advice, and I'm just having trouble separating Ms. Marvel from Ms. Ingram.
Trace: Yeah. Or Chris from his waffles.
Abby: You know what? It's going to be fine. I'm just going to be professional and do my job.
Trace: Yes, yes, and I am going to try to get Chris to compromise.