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It's a beautiful, rainy day by the shore at the Inn while Jess and David look at it. Jess hopes it was all just a life lesson, but David doesn't think termite damage works like that.

Bree is utterly engaged in her cheesy play. It's overdramatic and not good. She loves it and thinks it's amazing.

Simon is already in the audience when the actor tries to understand the character better. Simon says he is him.

Kevin has a call including his old coach.

Bree is signing copies of her book at the store while all of the family sits around talking about Sarah's new diamond. Jess suggests Sarah's new sisters be considered as the bridesmaids. Megan begins overwhelming Sarah with bridal preparations.

The sisters think Bree is lucky to have two Simons. Bree's book crossed Simon's in the bestsellers list, and he's very excited about it.

Trace and Chris the club manager argue over the state of The Bridge. Trace wants to fix the sound system. Chris has a band booked. Uh oh!

Kevin is eating there. It's good to see Trace back. Kevin normally eats at Sally's, but he was just heading back from the Coach Schmidt call.

Trace and Kevin reminisce about their old coach. He changed Trace's life by showing him how to put in the work.

For some reason, even though Coach is going to be OK, Kevin is verklempt.

When Chris gets annoyed at the mop in the middle of the floor, so Trace takes the blame for Ella.

Abby doesn't see how the revenue is being generated by investments. Mr. Porter says his investors expect above market returns. She's not getting the materials she needs. He pulls the family card again.

The New York office is asking that they treat Porter with kid gloves, and that doesn't settle with Abby.

Mick questions Megan's wedding planning.

Mick has bad news for Jess about the Inn, but she doesn't want to hear it. He says some things are not fixable. She says she's just asking for a little help, but he says she's asking for the impossible. She cannot just close her eyes and wish that things were different.

Connor doesn't understand why Thomas doesn't want him to successfully stop the building of a metal plant near the water. Instead, Thomas wants him to keep moving the paper trail.

Thomas assures Connor that life is not a John Grisham novel. They win by not taking this to court.

For some strange reason, the family is seeking bridesmaids dresses. Sarah is not even there!

Oh! She's in the dressing room. They love her wedding dress, but it's not her cup of tea.

Mick and his partner Paul discuss the building code violations again which results in Paul threatening Mick.

Connor wants to chat with Mick. Mick admits if Connor had pulled that racket with him, he would have fired Connor on the spot.

Some dude named Donovan shows up to lay into Trace for blowing up the band and leaving. The dude talks about the legend at the crossroads and striking a balance between music and life. Trace wonders how that worked with his daughter. 

The guy is a tool.

Trace sees Abby at the restaurant. She's working. Some things never change. Maybe that's not a bad thing, he suggests.

He knows she'll make the right decision even if it's the hardest one to make. She tells Trace about Kevin and Sarah, and then hits send on an email very dramatically.

Simon did his book reading in Italian. Why doesn't Bree ever do book readings? After all the pain it takes bringing a book to life, she feels like it's not a part of her anymore.

He waxes on about a rare edition of Alice in Wonderland that he'll bring the next time he's over. That strikes her wrong, and she looks very confused.

Cowboy dude is riding Trace's back again. He's never seen a man happy walking away from his dreams. Trace knows that the guy knows all of the live lessons he's trying to impart are bullshit, but he won't let on why he's really there.

Kevin is still thinking about his Coach. He didn't know his wife had passed away. He wishes he had been there for Coach like Coach was once there for him.

Bree thinks Simon is acting too much like her best friend instead of a boyfriend. She doesn't want to talk anymore. She wants to do.

Porter signed with a competitor. Abby doesn't look like she can discover what she did and just walk away.

David tells Jess they found perfect once, and they can again.

Connor and Thomas rediscuss the situation with the group, and the group offers a settlement. They're not building the refinery.

Bree continues to fret over real life.

Thomas is reassigning Connor. He took unnecessary risks, and that's not how lawyers win. Thomas worries he'll go rogue. He's going back to research. If he can't separate what he wants from what his client needs, then he'll be his own worst enemy.

Bree realizes that she likes the character she created more than she likes Simon. She's missing a passionate man. Jess thinks she can charm her way into a kiss and a whole lot more.

Abby decides to blow the whistle on the Porter Fund. 

Jess and David find a new location for their B&B. It's not on the water but nestled in the woods. It's cute, but it's not the other place!

Megan offers Mick some wine to go along with a conversation she needs to have about herself. She's trying to repair the cracks they left in their kids. Since they're OK, she feels unnecessary.

Mick assures her she can do whatever she wants without worrying about losing her family. 

Will Connor help his dad win a case when the evidence stacks against him?

Emma tells Trace he doesn't belong here. He belongs in a big venue. The crowds and money didn't fill the whole in his gut.

While Jess says goodbye to the old Inn, David presents her with a gift -- the sprinkler head under glass so they can always have a little bit of the inn wherever they go.

Kevin sets up a cheer squad for Coach.

Donovan left Trace a gift. It's a guitar with a note: For the man who grabbed the guitar and walked away. I'm still workin' on it.

Chris gets his walking papers so Trace can run the joint again. Mick wants him to fire the band.

Bree sets up a reading with Simon. They're roleplaying as themselves. Simon's kiss as Jace is nothing but nice. He was uncomfortable doing it, and she was uncomfortable receiving it.

Abby gets suspended without pay while they undergo a formal investigation. She's sorry, and so is her boss, but he's glad she did it.





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Chesapeake Shores Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Bree: Now that is stupidly beautiful.
Jess: I knew that was a thing.
Sarah: Really? I mean, it's pretty, but isn't it a little much? [silence] I guess it's just not what I imagined.

Mick: Have you talked with Kevin and Sarah about this? I mean, they don't seem to me like the big wedding type.
Megan: Mick, I missed a lot, and now that I have the chance, I don't want to give that up.
Mick: No, I understand. But they're not kids anymore. Maybe they'd like to figure this out for themselves.
Megan: You're right. Instead of a caterer, we need to find a dress.