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Kevin and Sarah are so excited about the baby. They're going to keep it secret for the first trimester.

Sarah accepted the promotion, so she's not going on runs any longer.

Connor's office is finished, and it looks great. He gets his first call from Gran while Kevin and Abby are there. She wants to know if Jay is coming over for dinner again. Yep.

Connor's sign is lovely. He almost gets cracked in the head posing under it, though.

Abby is going to take a business trip to Ohio and will speak with Evan's board on her way through Pennsylvania.

Mick gets someone's cremains to scatter over the shores. The catch is that Mick has no idea who it is.

Megan is still trying to prove her value to the art community.

The ashes belong to Eugene Seeger, and Mick and Gran have no idea who that is.

Jess and David are enjoying being married when one of their guests lodges a littany of complaints. As he's a repeat visitor, Jess wonders why.

Kevin takes Sarah some little people boots. They cannot keep this secret and decide to tell the family this weekend.

Bree and Jess are all aflutter that Evan is flying Abby to Pennsylvania. They talk about the whisk-away. They've seen Abby and Evan together and there is palpable tension. She gets tongue-tied and storms off.

Mick is trying to connect with the ashes by boring a hole into it with his eyes.

Carter Milburn arrives and isn't all that pleased to see Mick or Nell amongst them.

Megan misses the cues from Carter and wonders why Mick is so sarcastic.

Connor visits with Luke at The Bridge. Luke has allergies, and he takes a pill for them. Connor cannot get Luke a PO change, which disappointments Luke.

Luke still hasn't told Bree about prison, but he plans on telling her tonight.

Jerry asks Bree to his office for a chat. He has heard that Luke was in prison and is worried about her. Luke spent three years in prison. She races off.

Jess and David just got their first poor review. It's on star, and it's really sticking in Jess's craw. David gets on board when he reads "sub-par roasted salmon."

Bree is very upset, and she's even more upset when he admits he did commit assault and battery.

Mick thinks Megan and Carter have great chemistry. Mick is greatly bothered by it. No declarations have been made and they've been drifting, so Mick doesn't know if he has any right to say anything to Megan about how he feels.

Bree is equally angry about Jerry's interference. He thinks Luke gave her a sob story about being in prison, and she realizes she never gave Luke the chance to explain.

Megan asks if Mick is alright, and he asks if she ever dated Carter. She realizes they never had the talk about what happened while they were apart.

Abby discovers who Eugene Siegel is. His name was David, and Mick knew him as Buzz.

Mick takes Abby to Juicy Juice, which was once the Windjammer, where Buzz was the best bartender on the east coast.

It was the summer Megan left, and it was really rough on all of them. He was gone all the time, and one day, he got a three-page letter that she didn't want him to come home anymore.

But at the Windjammer with Buzz, they could unload on each other and argue about world events. It meant the world to him.

When he was finished talking off Buzz's ear, Buzz would say, yeah, it's tough.

That summer was a mess with family disasters and broken bones and mono and Megan leaving.

Mick never realized how much Buzz meant to him until he found the Windjammer all closed up, and Mick couldn't say goodbye.

Evan picks up Abby for their trip. They're taking a helicopter.

David and Jess plan on giving a competitor a fake bad review.

Abby and Evan arrive at his place in Pennsylvania. He wants to talk to Abby about a private matter on the deck before the board meeting.

Evan loves gnutella and banana on whole wheat bread sandwiches.

Evan thinks they've connected in a very profound way and it might seem kind of sudden, but he thinks she must know what he's talking about. And he's called away. Abby is freaking out. She thinks she's been whisked away.

Abby starts asking Evan to stop talking before she realizes he doesn't want to ask her out. He want to hire her.

Evan wants to buy O'Brien Construction so they can continue working together. After she turns it down, he shows her the potential salary. She assures him that there are more important things than money and compares his gnutella and banana sandwiches with truffles and caviar.

Bree asks the students to write a story, and Luke sits in the back of her class and does the assignment. Best day, worst day, where they are now. Luke gives her his assignment and will wait outside in case she wants to chat about it afterward.

She finds Luke outside. His paper is well written. He's more interested in the content than the style. He doesn't want to make excuses for what he did. He's just happy he had the opportunity to explain.

His parole officer calls while they're chatting. He's late for a meeting, and it seems like he's on the hook for more prison time. Being late to see her moved her enough to plant a big kiss on him.

When he leaves, Bree has a look on her face that make sit seem she isn't entirely sure what to think.

Mick takes Buzz for scattering.

Evan wonders if he had been trying a whisk-away, how would she have graded it? She admits, she would have been whisked.

Evan was so going to whisk. I bet he changed his mind when she seemed disinterested or concerned.

Mick is late from taking Buzz, which he apparently did in a plane. Connor is jittery and doesn't know why. Megan worries about the flight again. She's going to call the air field. Sarah and Kevin want to wait for Mick before sharing their news with the family.

The last radio contact they had with Mick was at 4:30. They can't reach him at the airfield.


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Jerry: Bree, how well do you know Luke?
Bree: I know him well enough.
Jerry: Did you know he just got out of prison?