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The coast guard had a distress call. They think it was Mick. He was having mechanical difficulties and was putting down on one of the islands.

Of course, the family is sticking together. It's a full caffeine night in the O'Brien house.

Megan wishes she had been able to tell Mick she loved him. She'll have time. Mick is OK.

Mick says he had to make a necessary urgent landing, not an emergency landing. He is making a lot of excuses. But he doesn't seem like Mick.

Megan isn't having any of it. She's incredibly angry and storms away.

Connor needs an assistant.

Evan checks in on Mick, and Mick has a bone to pick with him about the way he handled trying to poach Abby. Evan doesn't seem to understand the issue even though he says he gets it.

Nell is acting as Connor's assistant. She's trying to mediate calls instead of bringing in new clients for Connor.

Evan is hanging around, and Mick realizes he just wants to hang out. They decide to have lunch, and Evan makes omelets.

Luke's parole officer drops by The Bridge. He's got issues again. His drug test came back positive for amphetamines. Luke is stunned.

Bree doesn't want Luke to think that the guy's got it in for him. He's got a hearing, and he needs to pull it together, so he doesn't go back to prison.

Evan takes Mick to see his plane and is shocked that it's so wrecked. Evan offers to buy a plane for him, and that annoys Mick.

Megan is getting the show ready. Kevin is proud of her. That's not what he was going to say, but it's what he said.

Margaret will work with Connor. She quit soon after he did.

Mandrake points out to Evan his judgment is clouded because of something in Chesapeake Shores. Evan disagrees.

Bree and Luke go to Connor with his issue. Connor swears he didn't take amphetamines.

Luke took antihistamines, but they aren't a variety that causes false positives.

Evan tries to make amends to Mick, but he's not very good at it. Mick also agrees that he's a little testy right now.

Everything hurts, Mick says. And he was terrified while it happened. He says he's OK now, and Evan seems to be speaking of the matter from personal experience, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Mick tries again.

When he was 18, in the passenger seat, someone might have been drinking when they had an accident. Evan's back is messed up pretty bad, but the driver didn't make it. That's why he doesn't drive. The driver was his mom.

Connor and Margaret have three hours until Luke's hearing.

Sarah's cravings are introducing her to all kinds of new things.

Kevin talks to the baby and considers names that Sarah doesn't like. Decklin? She counters with Gulliver, and he rolls with it in an Irish brogue.

Connor is having some sort of attack at the courthouse. They call 9-1-1.

Evan and Mick are getting to know each other. Evan asks Mick about asking Abby out. He's missed her.

Connor is fine now. The doctor gave him some juice, and he's OK. Bree is still concerned. But Margaret bought them a week until a new hearing.

David's dad calls to tell him to be on the alert for bad publicity. And don't believe everything he's going to hear.

Margaret and Connor got to yoga, followed by a visit to the art exhibit. Nell looks beautiful

Arthur never liked all of the extracurriculars about being a celebrated artist. He only did it for Elaine. She'd like the idea that he had one last hurrah. He'd rather be dancing.

David is thrown by his dad saying he loved him. He's never said it before, and David is very concerned.

Jess's reaction is odd.

Mick wants to take some time off to travel around the world with Megan. She agrees.

When Sarah gets up so they can go to the art show, she passes out.


Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Evan, if you want to visit, you can just come visit. You don't need an excuse.


Nell: Meg, do you need anything dear?
Megan: No. [pause] Mick. I need Mick.