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Casey returns to 51 after his brush with death in the building collapse. Once on the job, Casey has difficulties remembering his locker combination, and, later, beats up a man robbing a bank.
Shay’s new partner Allison Rafferty is friendly to everyone expect Shay, and Shay calls her out on it. Rafferty explains that she doesn’t like Shay’s lifestyle being shoved in her face. Afterwards, Shay makes it her mission to shove her lifestyle in Rafferty’s face every chance she gets.
Dawson begins her training at the Fire Academy and Severide begins his time as an instructor. Dawson and Severide both meet a fellow trainee, Rebecca Jones, who is keep to throw others under the bus. Severide wants to cut her, but his boss refuses since she has familial ties to the department.
Clarke is released on bond, but still covers for his wife. After getting chewed out by Mills, Clarke rethinks his decisions and provides an alibi to the Chicago PD.
Chicago Fire
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