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Casey and Dawson continue to be in a lull in their relationship with regards to Jones. Boden tells Jones that she is one of his firefighters and he will protect her. Casey tells her that she needs to figure out what she wants and make a decision. Out on a call, Severide gets a phone call from Sergeant Platt about Bloom getting a DUI; Severide vouches for him and Platt tells him she'll see what she can do. 

Dawson and Shay have a girls weekend out in a log cabin. Dawson breaks down and cries about her relationship with Casey. She's been dragging her feet, but is unsure if it's because he lied about the extent of injuries, the guy that was looking at her in the restaurant; yet it's been a long time since then. Casey and Severide talk about his relationship, and Severide tells him either luck is on his side or not just jump right in. 

Severide picks up Bloom who is conditionally let out so long as he goes to rehab and does not drive. While on their girls night the owner's husband gets a big cut on his head and breaks his femur.  Back at Station 51, Boden gets a call from Denver Fire Department about Bloom, he was injured in one the worst fires Denver had in 100 years with ten firefighters died. Bloom eventually does show up at the rehab center. 

Jones eventually shows up at Molly's and tells Hermann that her father's secretary told her that she has one shift left at 51 before being sent to PR. Hermann wonders why her father is like this, and Jones tells him her mother died in a car accident and she is the only reminder her father has of her mother. Jones goes back to her apartment and writes a note to Dawson. 

Dawson comes home early to Casey ready to have a romantic night when she gets a call that Jones' body had been found. 

Chicago Fire
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