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Casey makes a speech for his campaign for alderman. 

A new paramedic arrives to take Chili's spot, and he comes with a bad reputation.

Squad gets called to a neighboring firehouse to rescue a firefighter impaled by a post. Cruz is suspicious about the accident. 

The house learns that Jimmy is being bumped out of his candidate slot for a firefighter with more experience from a house that shut down.

Severide follows up on Cruz's suspicions, wondering if Richter could have pushed McCormack off the ladder. 

Severide is the first to sign Casey's petition for alderman. 

A man shows up at the firehouse to give Casey his first campaign donation.

Cruz and Otis try to replay what happened at the other firehouse.

Brett and her new partner, Ogle get called to an accident. 

Brett tells Jimmy that she has a crush on him. 

Boden offers Jimmy Chili's position as a paramedic. 

Casey meets with ex-gang members who ask him to get police cameras off a street corner. He leaves. 

Richter's ex confronts Severide about his report. 

Otis plans to mess with the new firefighter in order to push her out and get Jimmy back on truck.

She turns out to be a friend of Dawson's she met in training. 

Richter admits he lied, but says he didn't push him, he fell. 

They get called to a fire and think a kid is trapped inside, but its a cat. Casey rescues it. 

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Herrmann: I'll post a copy over at Molly's. Ten percent off all drinks for anybody who signs the petition.
Mouch: Pretty sure that's illegal.
Herrmann: Five percent then.
Mouch: Still illegal.

Cruz: Look Lieutenant, I don't feel right about putting you in the middle of this. The position of the aerial, it wasn't part of our rescue, so maybe we don't put it in, you know?
Severide: You sure about what you saw?
Cruz: 100%
Severide: Then that's how we file it.