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Chili receives a box of her sister's belongings. 

Casey is asked to run for alderman, but he isn't interested. 

Brett and Chili try to help a little boy who's brother was shot in the leg until they can get inside the locked house. 

No one believes Jimmy will make it past one round with Antonio except Dawson and Herrmann. 

Chili is drinking on the job now. 

Cruz tries to convince Casey to run for alderman. 

Truck gets called to a victim who is laying in ammonia. Casey and Jimmy pull him out, but he dies. 

The fight starts, Jimmy gets the first big hit. Antonio gets mad and unleashes on him. Jimmy loses. 

Severide confronts Chili on her erratic behavior and tries to convince her to ask for help. 

Squad gets called to a car accident while Truck gets called to a fire at the same location.

They rescue a man and a child from the fire. 

Dawson wants Casey to run for alderman. 

Severide catches Chili drinking on the job and tells her to tell Boden or he will. 

Boden tells her he wishes she had come to him for help earlier, but it is too late and he fires her. 

Casey decides to run for alderman.

Chili calls Severide for help and he takes her to rehab. 





Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Otis: When's the last time the CFD had a real voice?
Casey: And how do I give the CFD a real voice Otis?
Otis: I don't know, I just thought it was a good thing to say.

You know what my dream's always been Connie? Getting rid of that single ply toilet paper you signed off on three months ago.