Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Bad for the Soul

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Is there anyone in Chicago Severide hasn't slept with?

New firefighter, Stella Kidd, arrived at 51 on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 15. We immediately learned she has history with Dawson, but later at Molly's find out there's a history with Severide too. 

As if things aren't complicated enough in the romance department on this show?

Granted, that mysterious conversation could have nothing to do with a hookup, but can anyone blame me for making that assumption?

Here's hoping it's something else entirely. 

Speaking of the complicated romance department, are things going to get super awkward between Brett and Jimmy now? He's pulling a Mills and switching from truck to ambo...right after she confessed to him that she has had a crush on him since he started at 51. 

And let's not forget that Otis still has a thing for Brett. These people need to get out more. 

I think that's evidenced by Kidd pointing out that they all live together. They spend all of their time either at the house, at Molly's, or at home with each other. It's time for them to start meeting some new people somewhere else. 

So, was the new paramedic supposed to make us miss Chili? Because he was downright awful, and I was just waiting for Brett to snap. 

She basically did when she blurted out her feelings to Jimmy, but that wasn't exactly what I was expecting. 

Jimmy: You ok?
Brett: Chili pushed me to my limit, and then flamed out. Ogle is inciting me to violence, and now you're leaving, so no, I'm not okay.

Her plan to prove that guy was pretending to be blind was pretty genius, but if I were her, I might have punched Ogle in the face for his follow up comment. Also, can I just say how appropriately named he is?

Jimmy didn't seem to particularly mind that he is now working with Brett and her crush, and I'd even go out on a limb and say that he reciprocates her feelings. We've had two firefighters date, and a firefighter and a paramedic date, so why not two paramedics? 

In non-romantic news, Casey is learning that his campaign for alderman may be more than he bargained for. 

Casey really would make an awesome elected official, if he ever actually gets elected. 

He can't be bought or corrupted, he's honest, and he really does just want to help people. Unfortunately, that's never enough. Here's hoping the good guy can actually pull it off for once. 

At least he has the support of his friends behind him, though Severide seemed a little iffy on the idea. 

He's also about to get some great publicity after risking his life to save a cat, so that should help his cause. 

Herrmann's ready to break pretty much every rule to help him out. Discounted drinks at Molly's, using the firehouse one has to know right? Except good ol' honest Casey. 

Herrmann: I'll post a copy over at Molly's. Ten percent off all drinks for anybody who signs the petition.
Mouch: Pretty sure that's illegal.
Herrmann: Five percent then.
Mouch: Still illegal.

Cruz and Severide's story was weird. I liked that Severide backed Cruz and trusted him completely, but the whole story line felt weak. It really doesn't make sense why Richter wouldn't have come clean sooner. 

I don't really buy that he needed to lie because people wouldn't believe him. Is this house not the same family dynamic as 51? They all seemed ready to stand up for each other. 

But, even if he did feel the need to lie initially, wouldn't it have made sense to come clean once Severide started questioning him? At that point is it better to let people think you pushed him instead of saying he fell? 

If I saw someone fall off a ladder for no apparent reason, I would worry something was wrong and want his doctors to know. That should be more important than covering my own ass. 

Plus, if he had come clean to Severide, it wouldn't have ended up in his report, and he wouldn't have gotten himself suspended. Bad choices all around on his part. 

Your turn, what do you think of the new firefighter and Jimmy's transfer to ambo? Are adult coloring books really a thing?

Remember, if you missed anything you can watch Chicago Fire online and catch up!

Bad for the Soul Review

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Herrmann: I'll post a copy over at Molly's. Ten percent off all drinks for anybody who signs the petition.
Mouch: Pretty sure that's illegal.
Herrmann: Five percent then.
Mouch: Still illegal.

Cruz: Look Lieutenant, I don't feel right about putting you in the middle of this. The position of the aerial, it wasn't part of our rescue, so maybe we don't put it in, you know?
Severide: You sure about what you saw?
Cruz: 100%
Severide: Then that's how we file it.