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Dawson reveals that Molly's is down in sales. Kidd claims she can manage it better than Herrmann and they make a bet. 

They get a call to rescue a guy tied to the post of a train track.

Detective Holloway asks Severide to give her son JJ a tour of the firehouse while she works a case. 

Otis discovers he has multiple bruises on his body.

Atwater tells Casey and Boden that they're looking into what happened to the kid tied to the tracks, Victor.

Herrmann and Kidd compete in "Bar Olympics" judged by Dawson. Herrmann kicks butt at the trivia game. 

Jimmy and Brett get a call to help a sick woman who has complications from a surgery. 

Otis asks Brett to look at his bruises. She tells him to have a doctor look at them. 

Herrmann and Kidd taste wines blindfolded. Kidd wins this contest. 

Holloway doesn't show to meet Severide at Molly's. Antonio fills him in on the case she will be testifying for.

Otis goes to see Will at Chicago Med who wants to run some blood tests. Otis is concerned about Leukemia. 

Casey tries to make a deal to help Victor.

The final competition is to make the fastest Mai Tai. Kidd wins the competition.

Brett and Jimmy get a call back to the woman's apartment. She has a crush on Jimmy.

Kidd asks to manage Molly's. 

Casey and the whole fire department makes sure Victor walks to his graduation safely.

Otis tells Brett he's fine, but he never actually got the blood test. 

A political consultant tells Casey he has a national future ahead of him. 





Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Brett: You should definitely get that looked at.
Otis: Oh my God, are you saying I have cancer?
Brett: No Otis, I'm not saying you have cancer. I'm saying get a doctor to look at it so you don't give yourself an ulcer.

Cruz: His mom is due back when now?
Severide: An hour and a half ago.
Cruz: Well he's not gonna be a firefighter. Maybe a dog trainer.