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Brett accompanies Casey to his doctor appointments, even though it means canceling her plans with Grainger.

Realizing he's affecting her personal life, Casey tells Brett not to worry about coming to any more appointments, but Brett defiantly says she'll be there.

Casey calls when Brett's out with Grainger, and Grainger, realizing Brett has feelings for Casey, breaks things off.

Casey and Brett get the news that Casey is just fine.

Elsewhere, Herrmann tries to help an inmate firefighter named Mason.

Herrmann reaches out to Kidd to set up a meeting with Deputy Chief Hall to discuss the matter.

Hill is unswayed by Herrmann and Kidd's pitch, saying the CFD has strict rules and not everyone can be a firefighter.

However, Hill later arranges an interview for Mason with the St. Paul Fire Department.

Mouch make an amazing save, and Gallo and Ritter ask him to speak to their young firefighters group about his experience.

Someone parks in Boden's spot, and the other firefighters convince Boden to get angry over it.

The parking spot thief ends up being a caretaker for a nun who is in a wheelchair, and Boden is rightfully ashamed.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Herrmann: Nice, you ever think of applying with the CFD.
Mason: No.
Herrmann: You can tell me to mind my own business, and I’ll hit the road, but I have been doing this long enough to recognize raw talent. What happened? You got hurt? Whatever it was, you’re still young enough. You can always apply with the CFD.
Mason: No, I can’t.
Herrmann: Why not?
Mason: Because I was a firefighter in prison. The CFD won’t hire felons.

Casey: I’d have to quit the CFD, obviously.
Brett: Hey, Matt, slow down. He said it was possible, not that it was certain, right?
Casey: Right.
Brett: So we don’t know anything yet. We’ll get the MRI and go from there. It’s going to be OK. No matter what we’ll figure it out.