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Kidd gets a call from a distressed girl trapped in a basement.

The girl, who's name is Aaliyah, went to a Girls on Fire meeting at the beginning but didn't stick with it.

Aaliyah doesn't want to call the police and begs Kidd for help, even though Kidd has virtually no information to go on.

With the help of Severide, Boden, and Kylie, Kidd is able to discover the identity of the girl and rescue her and her brother.

Aaliyah then thanks Kidd, just as the firefighter is out the door to take the lieutenant's exam.

Brett reveals she and Grainger broke up, and Casey blames himself for getting in the way of their relationship.

Casey goes to see Grainger to try to smooth things over between him and Brett, but Grainger reveals things were never going to work out between them because Brett's in love with Casey.

Cruz struggles with swaddling, and Violet helps him.

Cruz then takes on Herrmann but loses to the father of five.

The internet at Boden's home goes out, and Donna teaches her classes from 51.

Gallo and Ritter are instrumental in helping her, and as a thank you, Boden agrees to give them a weekend off next month for their young firefighters' retreat.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

Severide: Looks like you climbed a few trees in your day.
Kidd: Yeah, I wasn’t much for Easy Bake Ovens growing up. I was out in the backyard getting my hands dirty. You think that guy’s gonna make it?
Severide: Ten percent chance, but it wouldn’t have been zero if you hadn’t taken the weight off him.
Casey: He’s right. You did good work.

Cruz: I’m taking a parenting class, ‘Baby basics for beginners.’ Just the dads and partners. There’s this one woman named Bailey. Anyway…
Violet: That sounds awesome.
Cruz: Really?
Violet: Yeah, your wife is going to be half a zombie, and you’re going to be ready to rock as a father on day one. I think it’s great.
Cruz: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m getting my ass handed to me by this suck up named Huxley. Calls himself the king swaddler. Big showoff. I want to murder him.
Violet: How’s your swaddling?
Cruz: Needs work to be honest.