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Maggie takes the heat when hospital policy and police policy are at odds, leaving April to stand in as charge nurse. Voight isn't much help when Sharon asks him to do a favor and get Maggie released. Eventually a disgruntled Rhodes is able to bail her out. He reveals that he had gotten into some trouble as a kid and his dad pulled strings to get him out, but his friend was left to face charges and ODed before Connor could apologize.

Will just can't let Jennifer's case go. After a combative session with the hospital lawyer and an awkward encounter with her family in the elevator, he convinces Connor to let him use his access codes to look at Jennifer's chart. When he finds out she's on the placebo, he approaches Zoe to try and convince her to get Jennifer switched to the real drug. When she refuses, Connor has to stop him from going up to the trial floor and telling her family the bad news himself.

Dr. Charles becomes convinced that the seemingly happy patient of Sarah's actually tried to commit suicide. Charles acts out of character throughout the case, but ultimately breaks through to the man after a talk with Sarah. At the end, it's revealed that Charles himself suffers from depression and had been attempting to wean himself off his medication. 

Sarah diagnoses an infant with shaken baby syndrome, bringing in CPS, only to find out that the brain damage is a result of a prenatal car accident. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

If he was driving Uber, he'd get five stars.

Maggie [about Connor]

Maggie: I was doing my job.
Sharon: You handled the situation exactly as I would have. That blood draw would have left the hospital open for litigation.
Maggie: Yeah, yeah. Next time I have to fill out a credit application, that's what I'll tell them when they ask me, "Have you ever been arrested?"